And We’re Back!

Sorry, I didn’t give up blogging. I know, put away the champagne. You’ll have to celebrate another day.

I didn’t give it up, but I did take a little break, plus I was busy tending to and interacting with other people on my article, which was very well received. Still… I just needed to take a moment and step away from all of the madness on the interwebs for a while. Interact with adults face to face, recharge my extrovert batteries a little bit with more than polite conversation at the grocery store lol.

Which is precisely what I did. I had an appointment in Indy anyway, so I stopped by to see some friends and let the Littles play for a while. ADULT CONVERSATION IS AWESOME. I don’t realize how much I miss it until I visit with friends and then it’s like WHY AM I NOT DOING THIS MORE OFTEN?! I guess I could connect with some local moms, but we’re still in that weird place where I don’t really want to get involved with anything since our stay here is only temporary.

Yes, since apparently I need to clarify that for the hundredth time: I am moving to where ever my husband goes. If he comes here, I’ll stay here. If he finds a place there? I’ll go back there. As much as I love where we’re at, think our little family unit would do better here in the long run with more opportunities for the kids as they get older, don’t really like Nowheresville, it’s where Hubs has his job and finding another one that matches the pay and benefits is going to be difficult to say the least. I am very much aware of the fact that most likely, I’ll end up in a corn field with a winding gravel drive to the most secluded house ever. It’s not my ideal living situation, but if it’s where Hubs ends up then I’m going too. Begrudgingly, but going. lol.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight and try everything under the sun to get him to move here first, because lets be honest, it’s me. I am. I totally am. I’m never going to be that person who gives my husband the ultimatum: “MOVE HERE OR I’M DONE WITH YOU AND TAKING THE KIDS” because that’s stupid. You can’t make another person do anything, especially with half assed attempts at manipulation. That’s just going to result in the resentment and passive aggressive behaviors that drive me up the damn wall. We have enough of those lingering from other arguments. lol. This one really isn’t worth it. I’ll just enjoy my time back in suburbia while I can, even if it is short lived.

Since the internet was off yesterday, the kids and I took the opportunity to paint pumpkins. October is usually my favorite month, filled will all sorts of fall festivities and such, but this year so much else was happening I didn’t get around to it. I almost forgot about it completely as we scrapped the trick or treating thing pretty early on. Stupid US Election got me all out of whack to the point where time was passing, but I was only keeping track of the DAYS themselves (M,T,W etc) not the actual dates until this past Sunday. Then it occurred to me the month was nearly over and we hadn’t even done a pumpkin yet!

Growing up my family never really did Halloween as far as the dressing up, trick or treating thing so it’s never been really important to my kids either. Little was overwhelmed last year anyway and didn’t really have all that much fun. We did always do pumpkins though, and I’ve tried to make at least that part of the fall festivals a tradition. Since I missed everything else, instead of a real pumpkin I bought Little a paper board pumpkin. She was thrilled with the idea that she could paint a pumpkin and keep it forever so I think I made up for the lack of dressing up anyway. lol. I picked up a pie pumpkin for the Twins and they shared in the decorating too. With 11 month olds painting, we pretty much all got in on the decorating lol.

Can you tell which child takes the most after me?

I don’t even know what we’re going to do about Christmas this year. All of our decor is in storage. I don’t particularly want to buy more since we have an over abundance anyway, but I can’t miss Christmas the way I almost missed the pumpkins. Maybe we’ll just craft a lot and make our own decorations… I would say I have time to figure it out, but I really don’t have all that much time! lol. It’s almost November and I haven’t even started planning the Twins’ first birthday celebration!! This is why when they get old enough to understand we’re switching their celebration to June. lol.


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