Burning Bridges with Explosions

Well… while I’ve been busily drawing up another article for publication, all the drama has exploded over here.

We’ve finally reached Kelli’s Bullshit Tolerance. It’s been a long ass time in the making, but we’ve arrived! I’ve been fighting for the ability to express myself and how I’m feeling for my entire life. I have that here, and I’ll be damned if anyoneΒ is going to take it from me.

Respect is earned, not given, and zero people who get mad about my writing have ever done anything to earn my respect. Hell, half of them don’t even really know me other than what I write here and they hear about me from gossip. Hubs, now he has my respect, which is why I’ve cleaned things up over here, but even that was hard to swallow at first. There’s a great quote that I’ve been trying to find for a few days which is so true.


I mean there really isn’t much else to say than that. I’m an equal opportunity blogger. I write about how people make me feel wonderful just as much as I write about how people piss me off. It’s weird how only the people who are shocked and offended when I call them out, have a problem with it. If I was sitting here singing praises there wouldn’t be an issue. Β I mean they’ve been following around in the shadows ignoring anything else I wrote that didn’t have to do with them.

All the posts I’ve written about struggling recently, all of my #whywomendon’treport, #wearentstats, #SAAM, dealing with my mom and her abuse, my apartment getting broken into, yet no body seems to care about that stuff. Write one little post about how pissed I was that my husband was unable to come see us when we really needed him here, then suddenly I’m evil, tearing the family apart, worthy of ridicule, selfish and delusional. Obviously.


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