Spiders for Breakfast

B1, oh my darling B1 was exploring in my bedroom yesterday as I was getting dressed. He crawled all over the place checking things out, pushed my door closed; then suddenly stopped and sat still for a moment. I wasn’t sure what he was doing or looking at without my glasses on but before I could stop him my Little Boy snatched a spider right off its web and popped it into his mouth. 

It was just a little house spider, nothing dangerous, but still!! I couldn’t believe it!! Right off the web, which B1 did not like in his mouth or on his hand after the fact lol. He seemed to be feeling fine through out the day and didn’t wake up at night so I guess it’s okay? I mean it’s not something I’m going to encourage or anything but he doesn’t seem worse for the wear. 

In other news, it was apparently a bit more than my brain attacking as I developed a fever overnight Sunday. Not having my doctor close by I just stopped by one of those pharmacy clinics thinking maybe I had another UTI that went unnoticed, which is usually the case when I have heart issues. That’s right! I don’t get the standard burning, frequent urination symptoms. Nope. It bypasses the lower UT all together to set up shop in my kidneys. I usually end up in the ER on the verge of sepsis before I notice anything is wrong. I’m not sure why, but that’s just how it is for me and always has been. 

Trying to explain that to the well meaning nurses at the clinic always makes me laugh. This time I felt kind of bad because one of the nurses was clearly a new intern, like possibly first day on the job new intern, and here I am first patient of the day throwing her a curve ball with my whacky symptoms and super human pain tolerance. I mentioned pain in my lower back around my kidneys and she asked what the pain level was 1-10 as you do, and I’m like “eh… probably a 6.” Which for me, is post c-section, missed meds, level pain. Apparently it scores a lot higher on other people’s relative pain scales because she thought I was joking. 

Then she proceeded with the exam, and walloped me in the kidney to see if that’s where my pain was coming from. I flinched and said: “ooooh… that’s a little tender.” And she looked at me like I was faking it or something. I don’t really know what that look on her face was all about but it was odd. Then she was like: “well… I mean I guess we can do the urine sample, but you don’t have any symptoms of UTI at all. I think this is something more serious in your kidneys.”  Which is what I first said when we began the exam.. “I think I have a UTI that’s ended up in my kidneys.” But she was just trying to do her job so I let her. 

Their in house test came back inconclusive, so they shipped some off to the lab for further testing and prescribed me some antibiotics to take until the lab results came back. I already feel about a million times better after my first two doses of antibiotic so I’m not sure if the infection was in my kidneys or elsewhere but it’s definitely an infection of some kind and the antibiotics are definitely working. 

My migraines and other mental fog have started to clear up too, which makes sense after having some unknown infection running rampant in my body. Man, I remember the first time I ended up in the ER with a crazy infection. That time, I’m pretty sure I did actually end up septic because whatever antibiotics they put me on KNOCKED ME OUT for two solid weeks, and I couldn’t work a full shift for another four. It was awful. 

I actually had to call my boss to come drive me to the ER because the pain was so bad, and it was radiating down from my back into my legs. She sat with me too  until my boyfriend arrived. It took him a while because he was an hour or so away first of all; and he stopped at the wrong hospital too. He yelled at the nurse and got escorted out by security calling me from the parking lot all: “you need to talk to this nurse and tell her which room you’re in because they won’t let me back there to see you!” 

Of course the more we argued we soon discovered that he wasn’t in the right city let alone the right hospital. Lol. He stopped at a different branch of the same medical group. He wasn’t too far off, eventually made it to the right hospital, and drove me home.

Ah yes, hospitalization for UTIs fun times… fun times. That time was by far the most serious, but every time sense has resulted in similar kidney related symptoms. I guess there must have been some damage during that first bout making them more susceptible to the bacteria or something… maybe? Idk. I just know it’s not fun not realizing I have an infection until I’m practically on my death bed. Maybe I’ll have to try some spiders for breakfast and build up my immunities?

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  1. I accidently passed over the paragraph starting with “My migranes” and went right to the next one. Talk about a WTF moment! Glad you’re feeling better.

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