Things I was supposed to do with my Husband this weekend: 

  1. Enjoy a nice home cooked meal, prepared from scratch for his birthday.
  2. Have an evening alone without the kids.
  3. Visit and spend time together as a family.

Things I got to do with my Husband this weekend:


Why, might you ask? Well it’s because he had to stay home and help his dad finish a project, which his SISTER was supposed to do but didn’t. I don’t know why, I just know it destroyed our weekend. Something that myself and Little had been anticipating since last Wednesday with excitement. 

Any other weekend I would have been annoyed, but made do. This weekend was important. I needed him here with me. I wrote about that here, she reads this, (hi yes, I know and I don’t care. Jump in line with everyone else who thinks my blogging is stupid) she knew I was looking forward to him being here and it didn’t matter. 
So that’s set a great tone for this week, on top of everything else I’m dealing with right now. I’ve passed the point of being pissed off, straight to giving zero ehfs about anything. 

2 thoughts on “Argh

  1. Right?! Try to talk to people and get brushed off so many times, but then they get all pissed off when I finally explode at them here. Psssssssh. Never mind they are creeping, and not actually FOLLOWING the blog after I deleted them from the rest of my social media for passive aggressive posts at me… -_- Its been a sore spot for a while, I’ve just reached my threshold of bullshit tolerance with the world right now I think lol

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