What’s in a Name

Our dog’s name is Dixie. When we first got her Little had just turned one, and there was a short lived awkward phase where Little called her “Dix” but it only lasted a day or two before it eventually morphed into Dissy, which is basically what she’s been called by Little ever since. 

Until we were visiting my parents and the dog made my mom mad. Then my mom decided to reintroduce the name “Dix” mostly out of spite. Little picked up on it immediately and started using it again. For the past week Little has been joyously yelling at the top of her lungs: “Come here Dix! I love Dix! Bad Dix!” etc when we take the dog out for her daily walk.

The first few times it was funny, in the way horrendously inappropriate things are funny, so I chuckled before correcting her. That was a mistake. Now Little thinks the entire thing is a big joke, and I’m having a horrible time trying to find age appropriate explainations as to why she can’t call the dog “Dix” when it is technically her name. We shortened her formal name, to a nickname. We shortened B2’s formal name to a nickname. As far as my Little is concerned there is no valid reason she can’t shorten Dixie to Dix, and she’s being quite stubborn about it too. 

Hubs and I argued over the dog name for just this reason, but I never imagined after the initial learning curve it would be a problem again. Lol. Oops. Mom Fail.

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name

  1. I don’t see the problem. Of course we’re watching Emergency! where everyone calls Dixie McCall “Dix”. I think the more you just let it be and don’t try to explain, the better off you’ll be, but that’s just me. Or you could tell her that Grandma’s name is also Dixie, and see how that works, lol!

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  2. Ha!! No, I’ll choose my battles here. I think it only concerns me because of the weird looks I’m getting from the neighbors letting my Little run around screaming Dix lol. Especially with the current political shenanigans. She’ll get tired of it soon enough.


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