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I think the majority of the population has forgotten this small tidbit of information during this highly charged election season: politicians are not nice people. None of them. They all have self serving interests and a lust for power. It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum they’re on in terms of party or liberal/conservative issues. Politicians are by nature corrupt.

Anyone with the fortitude to weasel their way into a presidential race has done and said horrible, sometimes down right evil things to serve their own interest, and further their agenda. That used to be fairly well known, or at least I thought it was common knowledge. These days with a wealth of misinformation out there, it gets ugly quickly and frankly I’m tired of it all.

It makes me seem like a lazy, apathetic American to say this, but: I honestly don’t give an eff who ends up in office at this point, as long as this rabble rousing, mudslinging stops. The entire country is in a state of divide and upheaval. It honestly does not matter who the President is anymore. The agenda of the politicians differs too greatly from that of the general population no matter what side of the aisle they sit on. We’re heading for a revolution whether we like it or not.

I can respect and appreciate people being passionate about their beliefs and sharing them in a rational, laid out, informed opinion. What I’m tired of is the whiplash sharing of clickbait and the following arguments. I’m tired of watching the masses ebb and flow with the whims of the media. Campaigns inflicting psychological pain upon the opposing party’s supporters.

Whomever in the Anti-Clinton camp opened Pandora’s Box attempting to use her involvement in a rape case against her has inflicted more devastating damage on the population than they realize, although I doubt they care.

I’ve reached the point in my recovery where it doesn’t bother me so much to see news articles and the random opinion pieces every once and a while discussing sexual assault, rape, Rape Culture, etc. It doesn’t bother me until it becomes overwhelming, and brimmed with anger from opposing arguments EVERYWHERE I LOOK. Literally, everywhere, online has been inundated with the most recent Trump scandal.

Full disclosure here: I decided months ago that I couldn’t vote for either of them in good conscious. This isn’t an anti-Trump, Pro-Clinton post. Nor is it a pro-Trump, Anti-Clinton. So put those comments away.  This is a post about victims being put in the crossfire of an out of control political debate. That’s all it is too. They’re taking a significant group in the population who’s suffered and using triggering key words to manipulate them. Both campaigns!!

Honestly? I don’t doubt for a second that Trump is guilty of the crimes he’s accused of. The guy is a skeeze ball. He’s built his entire empire on the known fact that he’s a skeeze ball! It’s not a surprise or shocking revelation of any sort when these accusations come to light. I actually remember the first time that recording made headlines in 2005. Do you know what the media did back then? Turned the ENTIRE THING into a huge joke. The world laughed at him for making such vulgar statements. It didn’t matter until he was on the cusp of the United States Presidency. 

I can’t think of a bigger slap in the face to those women, the victims of his alleged crimes, than to be mocked and ignored eleven years ago and then suddenly be thrust back into the spotlight for no other reason than furthering an opposing party’s agenda. That’s why this thing has come to light again. It’s not a crusade for Women’s Rights, or any sort of justice for these women. It’s political. They are being used and victimized all over again.  

I’ve been doing extraordinarily well maintaining my remission this year with all sorts of high stress situations being dumped on my plate one after another, but this one… watching my news feed everywhere become flooded with video after video, quote after quote, article after blog after post after tweet about sexual assault, rape, narcissism, and politics I can’t. My brain finally clicked over into the stress reserves and said: HEY LETS RELIVE ALL THE HORRIBLE, TRAUMATIC MOMENTS YOU EXPERIENCED WITH THOSE THINGS!! Here! Have an image of the worst moment during your assault pop into your head anytime you close your eyes! Narcissism?? Hey, remember when your mom did this?! Let’s toss that to the front of your conscious thoughts!

Yes! That’s what’s happening right now. Does it make me want to go out and change my vote? NO. It honestly makes me want to hide in the house curled up in my dog blanket with coffee and my favorite movies until it’s all over. Triggers send me into depression, and depressed people JUST DON’T GIVE A SHIT.

I’m not the only one that feels this way either. So many of the stories and posts I’ve read convey the same feelings of defeat, depression, and general anxiety. I’m sure the goal was to make people angry, and a lot of other victims reacted with anger for sure but not all of us did.

Plus!! It’s less than a month away from the election. If someone hasn’t already made up their mind whom they’re voting for by now? They probably have no business voting in the first place.

Politicians are horrible people. The entire lot of them. None of their crimes are excusable. Not one. Why are we not using the zeal we have for attacking the opposing party and dealing with the real problem?

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  1. You know me well enough that I don’t need to say anything here, but I will share this bit of internal dialogue. As I was hashing the whole thing through yesterday morning, it dawned on me that a Trump withdrawal or even a big Trump defeat will encourage the party partisans to take away even the little bit of choice we have in the primaries away, since the primary system spun a couple of lemons. Then my friendly neighborhood voice in the back of my head said, “And the people we picked shows that we aren’t SMART enough to have any say in it!” I hate it when he’s right…

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  2. This next four years is a wash as far as I’m concerned. Whomever gets elected will be a segue to which ever direction the country goes. If the country even survives four years of either one of those frauds.


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