What is This?!

This has been happening for almost a year, since it started after the Twins arrived. I’ll get back to the gym and have an awesome week or two rebuilding my strength and stamina only to have something go horribly wrong and/or break preventing me from staying on track.

In the middle of my workout this morning this happened: 

It sheered right off of at the collar rendering my barbell useless. I’d just finished my set of over head squats, and was warming up for some more work when the collar weight there smacked me in the wrist and the bar went lopsided. Thankfully I didn’t have a whole bunch of weight on it, but it ruined my workout relaxation. 

Then I heard B1 giggling when he was supposed to be sleeping, and Little mumbling something to him about being quiet. I wander back into the Twins room to find this: 

That’s diaper cream all over the matte textured apartment with security deposit walls, but that wasn’t the worst part. Oh no…. 

That’s B1 after I cleaned him off. He was slathered in diaper cream all over his head and face, plus he had a big glob in his hand chowing down like it was some delicious patte of some kind. 

Immediately I called poison control, but for whatever reason my phone was giving me fits and I couldn’t get through, so I tried calling everyone else I could think of only to be met with: “hmm I don’t really know? Have you tried poison control? ” 

Someone finally got through to poison control and FYI: the symptoms and signs to watch for using Resinol are the same as every other diaper cream. (Of course you should always call your health care professional in a time of crisis) I was surprised how many of my friends and family in the medical field had never heard of it. I don’t know if it’s new or what, but yes. Resinol. It works magic when used correctly, but so very scary and awful when a preschooler covers her brother in it and no one knows what you’re talking about. 

Our pediatrician recommended it after Little had a particularly bad case of diaper rash. It was the only thing that cleared it up and the only thing we’ve used since with the Twins. When she told us where to get it she explained that it’s been used to treat/prevent bedsores in hospitals forever, but no one seems to know about it? Maybe they rebranded it recently or it’s just known affectionately as the “pink goo” or something? Who knows… I’m just glad we finally figured it out and B1 wasn’t any worse for the wear. 

Except for his hair anyway… it was just starting to come in all fluffy and soft. Now it’s a goopey mess than I can’t get clean for anything. Dish soap broke the cream up a little bit, but I can’t get it out of his hair. He’s rocking the Mohawk for a while I guess. 

5 thoughts on “What is This?!

  1. No, Resinol’s older than me. Mom always had it around for cold sores. I tried it once on sunburn, not so much. Never tried tasting it, though. Mom said her sister used to eat Vicks. I asked if she died. Mom said, “No, she’s fat and happy now!” See where I got it, right?

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  2. Lol!! Not the first case I’ve heard of someone eating Vicks. Yuck! I wonder why Resinol wasn’t more widely known then?? Hoosier thing, maybe? Odd…. apparently it mostly tastes like rubber and corn starch those are the two main ingredients! Lol. Petroleum base.


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