Golden Oldies

I’ve come to a disturbing realization in the past few weeks: I’m old. Since Hubs works second shift I’m usually up fairly late chatting with him after work, and since the kids are in bed I generally have some quiet music on to fill the empty silence and keep me awake. I am a Spotify fanatic. LOVE me some Spotify, and especially their new suggested playlist. 

It was when I clicked on one such play list that it occurred to me just how long it’s been since the songs of my youth were actually popular. Rock the 2000’s was the playlist I clicked on. The 2000’s… SIXTEEN YEARS AGO. Oy… it got me right in all the very nostalgic feels, flipping through what I’m sure used to be a radio set list from back in the day lol. It sure sounded like my beloved yet now defunct Z93. 

Pssssh… even talking about radio stations and call signs makes me dated. Lol. People are going to look back on this post someday and be like: “what’s a radio? Who is this person?!” I’m glad the Hipster scene at least saved vinyl records so I don’t sound like a complete looney to the younger generations anymore. Before I’d be talking to younger people, especially kids when I was working who didn’t even know what a water heater was let alone that there were forms of music media before CD, MP3, and iTunes. 

This is why on the cusp of my 30th year, I feel so incredibly out dated and old fashion. I’m not. I’m actually probably in better shape now than I ever was in my teens and 20s. Physically, mentally, like the whole shebang I’m doing better, yet with the passage of time ever marching forward old seems to be how I feel. If you can call “old” a feeling anyway. 

Hey, things accrue value with age right? I’ll take it! 

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  1. If my calculations are right, you’re about a year older than my daughter and I was your age when she was born…so, although being old is a state of mind, you’ve go a long way to go, kid. Enjoy, suck up life with your family and enjoy the next hundred years.

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