The Little Things

Hubs and I had the opportunity to go out by ourselves this weekend. Our first real date night since July! His quarterly bonus check came in this week and I wanted to get the holiday shopping taken care of before things at the plant slowed down for the winter. We dropped the kids off with the sitter, and actually spent the evening out and about just us. 

We didn’t do anything really extravagant, just stopped at our favorite BBQ place, enjoyed some delicious adult beverages with our food; then went off to an outlet mall. We got a whole bunch of winter clothes for the Twins and managed to find Little’s Christmas gifts too. Plus Hubs treated me to more crossfit equipment. 

I told him if he kept buying all of this stuff for me before Christmas I wouldn’t have anything to open on Christmas Day, but he insisted so I walked away from the store with two brand new pairs of shoes. A pair of dedicated lifting shoes, and the most recent version of the Reebok Nanos. 

Um okay. The Nanos are on version 6 right now. My first pair were 3s. I absolutely loved them. After a year they lost a good deal of the support they originally offered (and you’re supposed to change out athletic shoes annually anyway) so Hubs bought me some 4s. Those were way too narrow and just didn’t fit well so this past Spring I ended up buying some 5s. LOVE my 5s for stability and support, but they offer nothing for shock absorption as far as running goes. No big deal, I have a pair of dedicated running shoes anyway. I was content. When we got to the store and Hubs saw the 6s sitting there he pointed them out, and I tried them on. 

Perfect. They are perfect. Fit and stability of the 5s, but softer and cushioned for running. I took them out for run yesterday just to see how they would feel and I ended up running a mile in them with no problems. I hadn’t really planned on going a whole mile, but they were so comfy it didn’t even feel that far. Lol. Actually I had to calculate the distance after I got home because I just sort of went for it and ran around the block. I don’t think I’ll run in them all the time, but I’m extremely pleased with them. Now I just have to go stock pile a few more pairs incase they ruin the awesome with the next version lol.

That run was also my first mile in almost two months and I barely felt winded. Plus, knowing my block is just a hair over a mile makes any subsequent runs easy to track. I think I might actually try for a 5k next Spring. I’ve never really been a runner, and there are definitely ZERO marathons on my horizon, but a 5k seems pretty reasonable. The first mile is the hardest. Once you can comfortably pace yourself to reach that, adding on increments isn’t so difficult. I won’t be setting any speed records that’s for sure, but I think it would be kind of cool to do at least one just to say I did it.  

ANYWAY… tangent there lol… after we finished our shopping, we went and sat at Starbucks forever until it was time to pick up the kids. That’s another really huge deal. Hubs hates sitting at places just because. He’s an order, eat, leave type person, vs my order, eat, talk for days, eat some more, sit and people watch, eat dessert, talk until they make me leave type. Lol. It drives him up the wall to sit some place after we’ve finished and paid the bill. Sitting there with me while I rattled on nursing my pumpkin chai for a few hours meant a lot. 

It was a good weekend. The whole weekend was just really nice and everyone enjoyed themselves. Yesterday we got up early and took the kids to breakfast, got all of our groceries for the week, and then he sat with them while I went out for my run. The distance is wearing on us, but when we’re together all things are right with the world. All the little things.