Flying Squirrels 

Our dog is a Pointer-Beagle mix, all hunting, energetic, stubborn hound dog. Our apartment building sits on an open field/courtyard with a few really big trees. There are rabbits and squirrels galore running around out there most of the day. The dog goes nuts any time she catches a glimpse of one through the blinds. Howling, jumping, carrying on, tearing through the house at breakneck speed from one window to the next nose to the ground, absolutely determined to catch one. 

She’s treed a few while we’re out walking every once and a while, but Friday afternoon was the icing on the cake. I don’t know what happened to this squirrel, but as the Littles, dog, and I were walking under a walnut tree, suddenly there was a thump and something hit the ground causing the dog to jump. I thought it was just a walnut until the “walnut” jumped up and tried to run away. It was a squirrel!! Somehow it fell out of the tree, landing inches away from the dog’s nose.

I’m just glad the dog was too surprised to really react because Little would have been traumatized watching her kill a squirrel. It took a good few minutes before the dog realized what happened, and by that time the squirrel had safely (or well as safely as a small rodent can be after falling fifteen feet) scurried away. She howled, she jumped, and pulled like crazy on the leash trying to chase this squirrel that was almost literally dropped on top of her. 

I’m also really glad that it almost landed on the dog instead of me, or in the stroller with the Twins. That’s all I needed to end the week last week, a trip to the emergency room with tales of falling squirrels. Lol. 

Never a dull moment around here, that’s for sure. 

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  1. Now that you blogged this story, I’ll spend the time I couldn’t on FB to tell a story. A long time ago a buddy and I were heading for work down a tree lined city street. Suddenly, a squirrel fell from between the branches (no doubt crossing on the wires) just far enough ahead of us for the following to happen. 1- He hits the ground, bounces, sits up with his side facing us. 2- Makes a face that clearly said, “You fool, you’ve fallen from a tree and hurt yourself” (though in more sailor-like language). 3- Turned his head to see my bumper just before everything went black with multi-colored stars. I hated to do it, but I had no time to swerve and was laughing too hard at his facial expression in either event.

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