Mom Problems

It’s like the universe knows when things are going well for me or something, because after a week of working okay my washing machine decided to go completely haywire again. The control panel is fried. Nothing works except the start button, and that’s a gamble any and every time I tried to turn it on. I had one correctly functioning load go through and then it started misbehaving. 

I called to make another service appointment and even the customer service rep was like: “Wait, what? It’s not accepting commands? It’s not spinning, and it’s not unlocking? What is it doing?” My reply: “whatever it wants.” 

So now we’re without a washer. Again. And while I was on the phone with the service people, two out of three Littles decided to douse themselves in their afternoon hummus snack. I was sitting in the same room, less than ten feet away. They were behind the couch just a hair out of my line of sight and somehow managed to get covered from head to toe in hummus. Mean while, Little 3 was busily rolling himself up in a pillow burrito, which of course immediately freaked him out when he realized he couldn’t go anywhere after the fact. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. lol.

Really, if my washer was working and I didn’t have to ration clothes and towels the hummus thing would have been pretty funny. They did manage to keep it off of the furniture and carpet getting it all over themselves so… that’s a bonus anyway. And I mean how many times can you say: “why is there hummus on your brother’s head?” With a straight face?  You can’t really… trust me. I tried.

Then this happened:

B1 enjoys snacking on dog food when I leave it sitting out, so I generally pick it up and set it on the counter. Yesterday for whatever reason there were ants in it, and after I set it down on the stove for ten minutes or so EVERYTHING was covered in ants.

Everything. Was. Covered. In. Ants. So inbetween bathing the kids, fixing the dinner, entertaining the dog, and I’m trying basically in vain to vacuum up these ants. I really need to sell my memoirs to a screen writer and make my life a sitcom. Especially this summer. Man idk what it is about 2016, but it needs to knock it off. Lol.

Although really, these problems are more of a minor annoyance than anything. I’d much rather be bathing hummus covered kids; than fighting off an intruder or finding someone else’s trash in my floor. As much as it gets on my nerves some day, these “problems” are my favorite part of being a STAHM. I know I’m going back to work when Little is in school and where ever we find a house. I’m going to miss these Mom Problems, as I transition into a different set of challenges.