Cozy Comforts 

Came home yesterday to find my little home just as I’d left it the night before. #WINNING!!! So, the kids and I returned yesterday afternoon. Hubs is still freaking out about the entire thing, but I’m just happy they didn’t come back. Whomever it is, isn’t ballsy enough to break in when we’re home, so it really doesn’t concern me too much. It seems to be someone who was taking advantage of my ignorance regarding the utility closet, and that was pretty much my own fault. It’s not an excuse to come creeping around in my home while I’m gone, but whatevs. 

On the way home I picked up some pumpkin spice air fresheners. Once I got the kids all settled in for the evening I set out to clean everything really well and reclaim my space. The nutmeg aroma is very soothing for me, so once everything was clean and orderly, the kids were in bed, I just sat down on my couch, wrapped up in my trusty dog blanket, and finally completely relaxed. 

I wasn’t even cold really, but it did offer a level of security being wrapped up in my dog blanket. I should clarify, it’s not a blanket for the dog, but a black and white blanket printed with Scottish Terriers. My parents had it as long as I could remember and I took it with me when I moved out. It’s actually always been there to comfort me. I never really thought about it until last night.

Some of my earliest memories of being sick are just snippets of me being wrapped up in that blanket. Usually with the biggest red Tupperware bowl, aptly labeled the “barf bowl”, and a tumbler of 7-Up. I don’t think I took it on purpose when I moved out, I think it just sort of got shuffled around and sent with me at one point in my various boomerang moving attempts. 

It feels good to have my cozy comforts, even if it is just for this moment safely wrapped up in the dog blanket, enjoying the silence before sleep and another day full of surprises.