Good News

And here, a small ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy, weird week! Two sets of weight plates, and collars to go with my barbell! It’s still not quite the same as actually being at the gym with the team atmosphere and camaraderie BUT it is much better than what I have currently. With these I can at least continue to work on my form and practice my entire range of movements until I can get back to the gym. I couldn’t do that with an empty bar. 

They are an early Christmas gift from Hubs. He had a little extra OT recently and we had some extra cash, so he splurged and here we are. Lol. I’m so excited to get some weight on my bar, and more workouts in my routine. If nothing else it will help ease my anxiety over everything thing else that’s happened in the past week.

Taking the entire thing very seriously, the maintenance staff is pretty sure they discovered how someone has been getting into my apartment. There is a utility access door which was discovered to be unlocked. They aren’t sure when, who, or how it got unlocked but the problem has been corrected. New locks have been installed, and half the complex is keeping an eye out for anyone they don’t know coming and going from our building. 

Mostly because this is the most exciting thing that’s happened in my complex for fifteen years and they’re nosey, but it works in my favor anyway. Lol. The more eyes the better right now. I wish I would have taken the time to get to know my neighbors better when we first moved in. They’ve all been so nice. Now I just feel like a jerk for my curt smiles and polite hellos. Lol.

They also happen to know my long term upstairs neighbors have some weird, borderline criminal sexual fetishes, a history of passive aggressive threats, and odd behavior toward other female tenants. We’re pretty sure one of them is the culprit, and they are the only unit that hasn’t been truely helpful as far as keeping an eye out or with information in general. Dudes are creeps. Big, bearded, dark haired creeps. Who may or may not have been helping themselves to my apartment when we were gone probably as long as we’ve lived here. 

Thankfully the one everyone is most concerned about/suspicious of is moving out. Which in addition to the new locks has mostly restored my sense of security. Not entirely,  but mostly. I think as time goes on things will settle back to normal. Hopefully they will STAY normal for a while. Well… as normal as things ever are around here. Lol.