Wild Ride Part 2

So… went back to the apartment this afternoon, got all the Littles inside started unpacking stuff, getting ready to tend to the dog, walked over to my sliding door and found this just hanging out in the middle of the floor.

Thankfully, we didn’t find what came out of that wrapper anywhere, but SOMEONE WAS IN MY APARTMENT AGAIN. So obviously, there was no hesitation this time, I called the police and had someone come out. A few officers came out and looked through everything, saw the wrapper, and took my statement. They called in for an evidence tech to come out and collect the wrapper. They said he would be out within the hour.

So in the interest of not contaminating anything anymore than we already inadvertently had, I packed up the kids and made our way out to the courtyard in front of our building. Our neighbors came home and we started talking. Two hours later when the police still hadn’t made their way back, they invited us upstairs where we remained for another two hours. Impatiently waiting for the police.

The officer had to come out from county, so it wasn’t surprising that it took a long time. It was just ever so inconvienent trying to keep three kids entertained and the babies fed without my formula and bottles. Thankfully I had the sense to grab my diaper bag on the way out the door or I would have been in deep as far as taking care of babies anyway. I had a few jars of baby food in there, and some puffs. Which they ate  all of before the day was done.

Eventually, the officer arrived and collected his evidence which took a grand total of ten minutes and we were on our way. Hubs insisted we stay elsewhere again tonight, because he is rightfully freaking the eff out. Now, before the Peanut Gallery gets themselves in a kerfluffle: I don’t think it’s him. In fact, I know it’s not.

This? Is a totally NEW person violating my privacy and personal space! I swear I have a flashing neon sign above my head or something that says: hey! Look! What appears to be a single mom, frazzled by tending her children! VICTIMIZE HER. Psssssh. I wish somebody would try to break in while I’m actually at home. See how much you can victimize me when I swing a 30lb kettle bell at your face.

Ugh… hopefully with the new locks and everything on record the “break ins” stop. Idgaf if this is just some vague attempt to intimidate me for God only knows what reason. I’m not going to live in fear, and my kids are going to have as much of a secure, safe, innocent childhood as possible. Creepers, the lot of them, be damned.