Wild Ride

Well that was an interesting Monday.

 So we were away from the apartment this past weekend for Little’s birthday party. We got back on Sunday, and most everything seemed normal, until I went to give Little a bath. She was splashing around all over the place, and as I was rinsing her I noticed she had several dark hairs stuck to her stomach. They looked like beard hair, but too dark to be from my Hubs. That’s when I noticed that our entire shower was covered in dark brown hair and I assume beard hair anyway with how high up it was on the walls. That’s the kids bathroom. Neither Hubs nor myself have ever used it, so there shouldn’t be any adult type hair anywhere in there to begin with, least of all covering the shower walls. Someone had used my shower while we were gone. 

This isn’t the first weird thing to happen while we’ve been away for the day. A few weeks ago I found cigarette ashes in the toilet, and suddenly our brand new washing machine is on the fritz. I tried to be rational and assumed the washer was just on the fritz because it’s mostly automated, and that the maintenance crew must have been in the apartment for an emergency leaving the ashes behind, until the hair showed up in the shower. After that, I started going through absolutely every square inch of the place and noticed that a few of my decorative nick nacks had been rearranged. Like recently rearranged on a shelf the kids can’t reach. There is missing dust to prove it.

That made me super uneasy, so I called Hubs and explained. He demanded that I call the complex and have our locks changed. I, obviously, resisted. It would be one thing if there was clearly a crime committed. Like my locks were broken, or things had been stolen, but who wants to be the Crazy Lady in Building A worried about rearranged nick nacks, and strange hair in her shower? Uh yeah… no thanks. 

Yes, I was still creeped out to the max that someone randomly decided to shower, and make themselves at home in my apartment while we were gone, but considering the circumstances, they didn’t show up while we were home trying to do these things, nor did they steal anything except water and maybe a towel. It was the weekend when we were away it could have been a hapless drunk stumbling into the wrong unit or something… it could have been anyone. 

So I just decided to ignore it, until we went to the grocery store yesterday morning only to arrive with our back sliding door opened, with the lock still engaged. That prompted me to call the police and have everything checked out. So I did, and they did. No one was there, and again it didn’t look like anything obvious had been taken or disturbed so they left it at that. 

I got the kids lunch and went back through the apartment to find a random basket on top of my fridge askew, but little else moved or disconcerting. At any rate, after calling the police I really couldn’t avoid talking to the office so I begrudgenly packed everyone up and headed over there. Much to my surprise, I discovered the property manager is a survivor of domestic abuse. So as I’m retelling the saga prefracing the entire thing with: “this makes me sound like a crazy person, but…” she looked at me and said: “I’ve been there. It’s okay. It doesn’t make you sound crazy at all. We’ll get it fixed for you today. Like, right now. We will get it fixed.” 

Then, of course I started happy crying because I didn’t get turned away, or patronized. She started crying because I was crying, and then we were all like yay, survivors! And went on about our business. That made me feel foolish for trying to keep the weird things to myself and trying to quiet my intuition which has been screaming red alert for a week or two now. I couldn’t figure out why, but I’m going to say this is it. 

The maintanence guy said he had seen a strange bearded guy wandering around my building, but didn’t think too much of it until today. He wasn’t close enough to get anything other than a vague general description, but he’d never seen him before. I mean mega vague description considering a big bearded guy is like half the population at the moment so the only thing we can really do is keep an eye out for the guy. The police said they would make extra patrols over the next few days and I think the kids and I are going to spend a few days elsewhere just to put Hubs’ mind at ease. 

Uuuuuuuuugh… It has been one thing after another this year I swear. I’m actually really worried about the strange man Little said was creeping around and peeking in her window before all of the other weird things started happening. That was our first weird event in apartment 2, and things have just been getting progressively worse. That man she said looked like something completely different from the description of the most recent guy seen wandering around the complex, but she’s so young there’s no telling if she was able to articulate what she saw vs what she thinks she saw. 

It scares me so much thinking someone is watching my child that way, and possibly breaking into our home and doing God knows what in the kids bathtub. *shudders* I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.