4 to Go

My Little is a preschooler now. It’s official. I’ve survived one brush with toddlerhood. 

We had her party this weekend in Indy. It was completely impromptu, barely organized, but went off mostly with out a hitch. She had the best time, playing with her friends, being the Birthday Girl, opening her presents… it was just awesome. Once we finally got there. Getting there was a bit of an adventure. Lol.

One of our birthday traditions has become making her cake. So Friday before we headed to Indy, we set out making her cake. The washing machine service guy was also scheduled to come and I had to drop off a house key for our dog sitter. Little and I made her cake that morning and I thought to myself as we were putting it in the fridge: “I’m going to forget this cake. I’m going to get everything else we need and walk out of here without the cake.” Which made me chuckle, because I had to go to the store like six times gathering all the ingredients we needed for this cake anyway. 

The washing machine guy was running behind schedule so he was supposed to show up around 11-2p but instead didn’t get there until almost 3p. I’d already planned to be half way to Indy by 3 so that got me sidetracked just enough that what did I do? Got all of the kids, had to pack three times to make sure I had clothes and everything we needed for them; then I started putting stuff in the car. Being super excited about her party Little was bouncing around everywhere and “helping” with her brothers. By the time it was all said and done what did I do? I walked right out of the house, hopped in the car and made it 45min down the road before I realized the cake was still sitting at home in the fridge…

Yep. So, Little and I worked so hard on this cake, she was SO excited to share it with her friends, and we forgot it. That was the first thing we forgot; then I realized that the decorations for her party were also sitting on top of the cake and I didn’t have any of those either. So we decided to just keep on heading to Indy and rebuy everything once we got there. A great plan for sure, except it decided to rain like crazy delaying our arrival time so much it was bedtime for the kids half an hour before we arrived. No way any sort of shopping trip was going to happen with all the kids in tow. 

We ended up staying at a hotel which was pretty exciting in itself for Little. It was her first time being away from home where we didn’t stay with family or friends. Hubs met us there when he got off work, he stopped by the store to grab a few things, but we decided that we could do the majority of our shopping on Saturday morning. Which we did… or at least tried to do lol. I had to run into three different stores because I kept forgetting one item off the list every time. I started at Target with four things on my list, got two. Went to Walmart with three things on my list, got two. Went to KMart for the remaining one item and one other thing we needed FINALLY got everything we needed, but stopping at so many different places took up our entire morning. By the time we arrived at the party place we had like two minutes to spare before guests began to arrive.

The only people who actually showed up aside from my inlaws were: Hubs’ ex, and her family including her current husband. We invited them because they are our friends. Like, whatever happened happened then, but now that’s it. They’re our friends. Little loves their kids, I get along great with them, and it’s been really great for Hubs too. We wanted them there. The in laws were a little surprised. Thankfully no one said anything rude or inappropriate, because I was about to fight if they had, but there was a moment of brief awkward when I walked in with the kids, into the room filled with my inlaws, a few moments ahead of the rest of the group. 

As far as awkward experiences go it was no where near Cheesecake, but it was a moment. Lol. The moment passed, everyone had fun, and no snide back handed remarks were made. Well… at least to me, so hopefully not to our guests or anyone else. 

The Twins got to have their first taste of pizza at the party. B2 was thrilled, B1 was okay with the idea, but I’ve discovered with this trip that he doesn’t travel very well. He was just frustrated and upset basically the entire trip. There was too much going on I think, and he got overwhelmed. All he wanted to do was snuggle, which would have been okay under normal circumstances but when I’m trying to organize the party and be a decent hostess, can’t exactly snuggle a baby. Lol.

He let me have it at night… I think he might have slept a combined six hours during our two night stay. Lol. Oy….

Needless to say, I’m glad to be home. I’m so glad that Little had a great day. I’m glad I didn’t have to fight with my in laws, I’m glad we have this new chapter of friendship for everyone involved. 

AND I got to snuggle my Hubs for two entire nights. Great weekend. ^_^

I was also crowned the Party Mommy, when we got home. Lol.