Baby Blues

The boys had their 9 month appointment yesterday. B1 is in perfect health, a head of the game on his milestones, and growing like a weed. 

B2? My little B2… The poor kid already has hypothyroidism and has to take a pill every day. We were always told he had the potential to be delayed developmentally because of his condition, but we were expecting cognitive delays. Nope! Our B2 missed his physical milestones. He’s not sitting by himself, or able to move much beyond rolling around. He was also my beech baby, and while my chiropractor checked him out soon after he was born and didn’t notice any issues aside from his low muscle tone, our pediatrician recommended X-rays to make sure his hips developed correctly. 

That’s what we did yesterday. X-rays and blood work. Low muscle tone is sometimes a side effect of thyroid issues, so I’m hoping that’s all it is an nothing else more serious. He is a very floppy baby as it were. I’ve always noticed that, it just didn’t seem to affect him until now. It only seems to be when he’s sitting or trying to crawl too! His motor skills are on track, and he’s very observant and curious, so I’m concerned for his hips. 

Hubs and I have awful hips anyway and we were normally developed. Little inherited whatever issue we have, so B2 has me worried. I haven’t heard the results of the X-ray yet, and our Doctor is on the ball about getting test results back ASAP if there is something that needs to be addressed, so that’s at least encouraging in one respect. Also a little scary that if those problems aren’t the cause of his delay its something else… And that requires investigation and diagnostics and my little Baby Baby has gone through more than enough of that.