This is B1. In case it isn’t obvious from the mischievous grin on his face, he is exceptionally mischievous lol. Being such, I’m always photographing his antics. It’s to the point now where he has almost three times as many pictures as my other Littles. Lol.

I love each of my kids equally, embracing their individual personalities as just that. It just makes me nervous that the other two are so quiet and self sufficient to their age appropriate abilities anyway. Little and B2 enjoy quiet time to themselves so nap time and/or quiet time isn’t really an issue. You’d think it was the end of the world for B1 to be quiet and still for a few moments without someone else around to interact with. Lol. Having that stark difference between them I do actually spend more time with B1 as well. 
Little is starting to take notice, and I do believe jealousy is making an appearance finally. Took her 10 months to decide that’s how she was feeling, but it’s arrived in full force. I’ve tried to explain to her that babies just need their mom a little bit more than older kids, and that I love them all the same. She listens, but it doesn’t make her feel any better. It’s so hard especially with her when she needs her alone time, to do something fun with her in my moments of free time. She want my attention when I’m tending to the boys, but when I’m dedicating time to just her she isn’t interested content to play by herself. 
It’s like ugh kid, we have to find a way to work this out. Lol. I feel like I’m neglecting our mommy daughter time, but I guess if she’s choosing to play on her own after I give her the opportunity to do something with me, she’s just an exceptionally independent kid. B2 is the same way. He’s been playing quietly in his crib since I put the Twins down for their nap. I thought he was sleeping, but he’s just playing away in there happy as a clam, not a care in the world. 
I mean, I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining that most of my kids are secure in our bond and independent. If they were all as clingy as B1 this Mama would have ended up on the crazy farm a long time ago lol.