Like a big figurative light switch: Hubs is completely fine now. He’s calling and texting me regularly again, he’s visiting much more frequently and when he arrives he shows up in a much better mood. Coincidentally (or not) he’s also been working extra hours again, relieving some of our financial burden. 

Maybe it is all about the money, and he’s too proud to admit his insecurities… I don’t know. I’ve given up trying to figure it out. He’s predictably a jerk in August/September; then he decides to not be at random. I guess I should just expect it and not let my own issues get the best of me.

I’m just glad things are back to some what normal. I mean, I’ll find a way to make things work if we end up going our separate ways, but I love him. Lol. I married him with the intention of being with him forever. I don’t want to split up. I want him to stop spending $400 a month killing himself with cigarettes and soft drinks. I want him to be honest and open with me. I don’t want him to be fake, or unhappy. Those are our biggest issues, the only issues we’ve run into in our marriage aside from a few differences in our parenting styles. 

The stupidest reasons to annually bicker almost to the point of divorce. I don’t know. I just don’t know. I’m just glad we made it out the other side this year. It was a bad one. Although I’m sure the distance thing didn’t help… But we did it! We did it and we’re better now. At least until next year…

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