Washer Woes

We just bought a new washer and dryer set back in July when we moved into the apartment. Yesterday, the washer went haywire. Completely bonkers haywire. The lid was open, I didn’t start a cycle or anything, but randomly the drain pump just clicked on. I wasn’t sure what was happening at first since the weird mechanical humming could have been coming from anything and I hadn’t touched the washing machine in a few days other than to toss dirty clothes into it. 

After some brief investigation I discovered it was the washer and unplugged it after going through all the trouble shooting options available to me. I stil have zero clue what happened to it or why. Thankfully, being under warranty means it will be repaired/replaced for free that’s just not happening until Monday! SO… Being as though every stitch of the Twins’ clothes were dirty, I had to resort to the old school bath tub laundry method. 

Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than hand washing an entire tub full of dirty baby clothes. Lol. I don’t mind washing clothes by hand if I have to, but usually the clothes Hubs, Little and I wear aren’t saturated with baby purée, urine, or feces escaped from leaky diapers and wiggly boys. Lol. A whoooooooooooooooole tub full of them. It was AWESOME. Although, I am thankful that it was the washer that went on the fritz instead of the dryer. Baby clothes, while covered in grime and goo, are at least fairly easy to scrub and ring out before tossing them in the dryer. Big people clothes are no joke!

I still can’t really figure out what happened. I thought maybe a power surge or something had fried the electronics, but the only other electronic thing with an issue was my air purifier. It still works fine, but the setting was altered. It just turns completely off during a power interruption so… I’m not sure what that means. I discovered all of this after the kids and I made our weekly trip to the grocery store. We don’t go the same day every week, and the time we’re gone varies as well. This is two weeks in a row where I’ve returned to find something out of place. 

Last week there were cigarette ashes in the toilet, and this week my settings are messed with on the air filter, and my washer is going nuts. I’ve spoken to the complex staff and they weren’t in the unit for anything, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Nothing was stolen, and everything looked to be as we left it aside from the things I mentioned. It certainly doesn’t strike me as an intruder, because who the heck comes into your apartment just to mess with your washer, air purifier, and ash in a toilet? I don’t really see much other explaination aside from someone deliberately doing the ash, and the settings, but the washer thing is still out for debate. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the service tech says.

Gremlins. I have washer and air purifier gremlins. Lol. That’s easier to accept than a random intruder coming in and messing with things when I’m not home. XD