Get a Job!

Hubs has been lamenting over the fact that I’m a stay at home parent for almost as long as we’ve been parents at all. It’s a big part of our annual fight. He doesn’t feel like he has any money left over to do “fun” things for himself, which he doesn’t. BUT… He also spends $100-$200 a week on cigarettes. I keep telling him all he has to do is either quit or seriously cut back on his smoking habit and he’ll have more than enough cash do to whatever he damn well pleases. That never gets us anywhere, so the next step is for me to find a job.

I’ve been casually looking locally to see what all is available for part time work. Nothing much is really jumping out at me so today I decided to go the other direction and see how much child care would be instead of just throwing out applications at random jobs. 

BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! The cost of childcare is a JOKE. $700 a week for all of my kiddos was the average price. There were a few places less than others, but most of them were around the same $700 a week. Even if I went back to restaurant management as a salary employee I would barely make enough to cover that, let alone help with any of the other bills. Which I knew four years ago when I decided to be a stay at home parent until the kids were in school. That’s why I don’t work. It’s less financially taxing if I’m at home. Hubs knows this too, but for some reason we have to go through the hullabaloo of me job hunting and trying to enroll the kids in daycare/school every year. 

The cost of childcare keeps going up too. It’s not decreasing any in terms of financial burden. Lol. Now when Little goes to school next year putting the Twins in day care isn’t so bad. It’s still $400 a week, but I could cover that and help with our other bills too. That’s the goal when/if I go back to work so really it’s only for another year. We can make it on Hubs’ income for another year. Well we can make it on Hubs’ income alone forever but I digress… He wants help, so I’m going to help him. 

There is one other option I’m beginning to look into now that the part time job thing is put to rest. Going back to, back to school myself. It’s something I’ve been trying to do for the past five years, but keeps getting derailed in one form or another. This year, with the student loans giving us a slight financial boost Hubs wants, it might actually happen. The only issue with that is finding a school that has fully transferable credits, or online classes so if I start here locally, I can finish when we move back home.  

If we move back home. I’m trying so desperately to get Hubs to just move here to the Burbs with us. Or y’know, if the marriage falls apart and I stuck going back to work anyway we won’t be moving home either, so maybe schooling for myself really is the best option all around? Idk… I have to get my address updated first before I can inquire about any sort of schooling anyway.