Take That, Cable Internet!

I finally remembered our Netflix password the other day, just as boredom was about to melt my brain. I watched several episodes of shows on my phone before I realized we have a  SmartTV. 

I’ve been trying to save money cutting out “unnecessary” bills anywhere I can. Internet access was low on the priority list so I never ordered any after we moved to the apartment. 

I switched our phone plan around a little bit to have a few GB of MIFI each month which is all I need for this, and online banking on my computer. That worked great until Little started watching the same DVD’s a millionty times during her daily TV time. It occurred to me that if I could watch Netflix on my phone without paying extra since I have unlimited data, I should be able to hook up the phone to the TV. 

I did some googling, and voila! This little adapter here turns my phone into, for lack of a better term, modem for my TV. It basically projects my phone screen image onto the TV. Netflix, on my TV, without paying for an Internet subscription! *angelic choir* Saved us $150 a month right there! 

That, and having my Hubs here for two nights was the highlight of my weekend. Once he arrived and got settled in, the depressing fog lifted and we had a great time. We always do when he visits for a substantial amount of time, like we’ve never been apart. It did make the loneliness extra difficult to deal with Monday night, going from cozy bedtime snuggles, to a big empty bed again. 

I know I say this every time he goes home, but I miss him. I want him back in our bed every night, not just once a week or every other week. I want him under the same roof. I want my family back together again. Nine more months until our lease is up and we can try to find an apartment close enough for him to commute to work again. Just nine more short months. 40 weeks. It’ll be like pregnancy again lol. Nine months until I get my baby back!