OY… I dug out my barbell for the first time in months yesterday. I only did 50 reps of a simple movement and my body is jelly. Everywhere hurts and feels weak. Which is mega depressing. I’d worked so hard to get where I was, reaching and surpassing my goals, only to lose it when I broke my hand. I’m almost back to square one. My endurance is still much better, but that doesn’t mean much when my muscles give out on me. 

It’s partially my own fault. I have a decent set of equipment at home, I’ve just neglected to use it trying to motivate myself and find time to actually get to a gym. Since that doesn’t seem to be working out with everything else going on, I need to buckle down and just take the time to get back to work. 

I’ve also officially become That Lady at my apartment complex. You know, the weird lady who darts off doing sprints in the court yard, a million sit ups, push ups, and barbell work on the patio? Yep. Lol. Except instead of being all toned and tan, I’m chubby and pasty. I’m trying to talk Hubs into letting me buy a treadmill for the winter months. I’m not entirely sure exactly where I would put it, but I miss my running. I can’t run with Little in tow. 

I could push the Twins in their stroller, but Little can’t keep up with me. So… Treadmill it is, at least if I can convince Hubs. Maybe a used one or something? Anything to get me moving and burning off this excess adrenaline. I know that’s not helping my moods any for sure.

Or, I’ll just keep being That Lady even in the winter months running sprints from my patio in the snow. Either way really lol.