Apples and Oranges

Little and B2 are very similar in personality and development patterns. They both took everything in, learning slowly before trying new things. B1 on the other hand, is a wild man menace to my little society here. Lol. He’s already starting to toddle at nine months old, and when he isn’t trying to toddle he’s crawling at lightning speed. I didn’t even know it was possible to have a baby crawling so fast, but it is. He gets into EVERYTHING. 

Last night during our play time before bed, he crawled over and straight up pantsed B2. I was sitting on the couch with Little and watched B1 crawling toward his brother, but before I could get up to stop him he yanked the diaper right off of B2. B2 was laying on his stomach playing with a toy and looked up at me like his little world had just been shattered. He didn’t even really fuss or scream, just looked at me in total shock. Thankfully it was a clean diaper that I had just put on moments earlier, and it didn’t seem to phase B2 beyond the initial shock. 

After I got B2 taken care of, I walked into the kitchen to get something. Little tore all the cushions off of the couch to play the Lava Game, and as she was bouncing from cushion to cushion B1 was right there with her, crawling up onto the cushions and diving off for the next one. He tumbled a few times, but it didn’t even phase him. He just kept right on going, until I put an end to that game. They were both mad at me, but I didn’t want Little to accidentally squish B1, and B2 was lost in the middle of the cushion pile. Lol.

My kids are rowdy and only one of them can walk right now. I don’t know what I’m going to do with B1, or where he gets such an adventurous, exuberant personality. He is going to be one heck of a challenge as he gets older that is FOR SURE.

Apples and oranges between Little, B2 and B1. I’d say it was a gender thing if B2 didn’t take after Little so much lol. This mom is tired after all of that. It’s been an entire week of that honestly. Little is upset because we didn’t get to see Hubs so she’s acting out in all sorts of ways. 

In addition to the Lava Game, she threw mashed potatoes all over the kitchen, and snatched most of the baby cereal puffs off of her brothers’ plates while I was trying to contain her and clean the mess up. She doesn’t act out very often, really this is one of the only extended behavioral episodes she’s ever had, but oh boy does it wear on my very last nerves. 

It’s heading into fall time too, and she always has her sleep disturbances and other issues in the fall. I really wish the doctor would listen to me and have her evaluated. With Hubs’ bipolar, and the anxiety disorders that run rampant in his family, and Little’s issues cycling on a predictable pattern SOMETHING else is going on with her aside from normal growth and development. She’ll be four here in a few weeks so she can actually get an official diagnosis. Hopefully the doctor will listen to me this year.