Window Creepers

I was getting Little ready for bed last night and as we were talking about our day she mentioned that she didn’t want to be alone in her room because someone was sneaking around her window. 

Our apartment is on the ground floor, and two bedrooms are right off of the sidewalk so at first I thought maybe she saw one of the neighbors come home or something. I asked what she meant by sneaking by her window and she made a peering/squinting motion. It was clear that she had seen someone attempting to look through her window. I about lost it.

A few days ago there was a random guy wandering around outside our building. I’d never seen him before, and while he had car keys in his hand he never went to a vehicle. He just walked from one side of the parking lot to the other watching me get the kids unloaded out of the car, and walking up to other buildings but never into one. He gave me all sorts of the heebie jeebies, so instead of walking directly into our apartment I wandered around the complex hoping to run into another neighbor or someone who might know if Creepy Man lived in the complex or not. When I couldn’t find anyone out and about I pulled out my phone and called Hubs as we were heading back toward our building. 

I explained the situation, and just sort of kept the line open watching Creepy Man like a hawk. Thankfully my neighbor pulled up and helped me and the kids inside. She said she hadn’t seen Creepy Man around before so it was really odd he was just sort of hanging out by our building like that. She went to get her groceries and came back unscathed, saying he was just sitting there on his phone. Weird, but not particularly menacing at all. So I went about my evening not thinking too much about it since I was keeping an eye on the front bedroom windows and didn’t see anything suspicious. 

Then, I found my Little on the couch when I woke up. She said she wanted to sleep out there like Daddy. Hubs often falls asleep on the couch watching TV when he gets home from work and never makes it to our bedroom. It’s been that way our entire relationship so Little doesn’t think anything of it lol. That’s just where Hubs is when she can’t find him in the bedroom with me. That’s the only explaination she offered at the time, until last night when she opened up and told me the Creepy Man was peeking through her window. 

I asked her if it looked like the man in the blue shirt and she said yes. So… My creeper radar is up 10,000%. It would be one thing if I discovered him creeping around my own window, but he was creeping around after my kid. Not just my kid, but my daughter. Also we’re two for two with crazy assailants at living spaces now… Or at least creepy weirdos. My hand just finished healing after the last escapade, I don’t need to break something else fighting off a peodphile stalker.

I will, break all the things, fighting off a pedophile stalker to defend my Littles but  come on now life. Can I get a break? I’ve had like a week or two of lulls between drama explosions all year this year! I’m pretty much over it.

3 thoughts on “Window Creepers

  1. Ugh. I once watched my friend’s house because of some POS stalking her daughter, Stake out style. A few nights of sitting in the car. He noticed me and I didn’t even need to get out to confront. He saw me saw him and never came back.

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  2. Omg… I would have torn him apart as soon as he saw me. Lol. The Mama Bear rage is strong with me. A bit too much so.

    My daughter is only 4, so this guy was extra creepy!! He hasn’t been back, so I’m hoping it was just a fluke. She hasn’t seen anyone by her window since I moved her dresser in front of it either. Fingers crossed!

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  3. Definitely! Fake video cameras can sometimes accomplish the same effect as stake-outs. And they are cheap and don’t result in back problems. Even in apartment, you can put on inside pointing at your window.


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