So Close

Hubs came down with a stomach virus Friday night so we missed our visit this week. He was willing to come anyway, but I told him since it appeared to be super contagious since his dad and step mom (who he’s living with right now) had both come down with it too, just to stay home. I don’t want to deal with three sick Littles  by myself lol. I know it will happen eventually, but I’m trying to hold it off as long as possible. 

This makes over a month without having Hubs to myself. We saw him a few weeks ago, but I didn’t really get any time with him on my own aside from a few minutes walking to the grocery and back. We haven’t even been able to really talk on the phone or anything because his service out in the middle of nowhere sucks. We can try to text but it eventually just gets more frustrating than anything else so we don’t, unless he’s in Nowheresville during the week for work and then it’s only a few minutes here and there when he’s on break. 

I miss him. I miss him more the longer we don’t get to see each other. Even when we live under the same roof during the week we don’t see much of each other since he works second shift and gets home right as I’m heading to bed, but missing weekend after weekend and not really being able to talk on the phone either it gets rough. 

I even made a special trip to the store to pick up some of his favorite snacks and dinners to prepare for him this weekend and he didn’t get to come enjoy any of it. The Littles were upset too. B2 has been going “dadadadadada” non stop for two days because we were able to FaceTime one afternoon, B1 starts giggle/screaming every time I put Hubs on speaker phone to talk to Little, and she’s come into my room crying two nights now because she misses her daddy. 

We reached the point in our marriage where we don’t really do the small talk thing anymore either. If there’s nothing immediately important, or urgent going on we just don’t have anything to say to each other. Living together it’s cool because we can still enjoy each others prescense even in silence. Over the phone it doesn’t work very well lol. That’s basically the point of phones to talk to each other. Sitting there with an open line because we would be sitting in the living room together doing our own thing doesn’t exactly have the same effect. 

He is planning on spending the Labor Day holiday with us though so that will be nice, and soon after that we have Little’s birthday to look forward to; then the holidays. Our extended stints of time apart won’t last much longer. It’s just really starting to wear on me.