50 More Shades of Nope

I read an article last night that has me all sorts of seeing red today. 

A teenage girl falsely accused her father of rape and based her “testimony” on 50 Shades of Grey.


This is why women can’t make legitimate accusations of abuse and assault without putting their own reputation at risk. 

Omg I am livid. Absolutely livid. So mad in fact I’m having trouble forming the words to articulate my thoughts. This girl, this innocent, stupid, kid just set back the changes in the global justice system real victims have been fighting for for decades, all because she was pissed off at her dad for being “strict”. Well, let me put my two cents in here and say any dad who lets their kid read that smut can’t be too strict, so it seems Daughter Dearest was an entitled, whiny, brat who really has no idea what she’s done.

Who the hell does that? Who wakes up one day and decides to accuse someone of such a heinous crime? Especially their own father!! Because she was pissed off? So?! Is being rash and pissed off worth destroying any further chances the poor girl might ever have to make claims against a legitimate attack? No. She thought she was going to “teach her father a lesson” but all she’s done is destroy any future sense of safety and security the justice system could provide her. 

Argh… I can’t even!! I can’t even!! You don’t do that. It doesn’t matter what the accusations are, you don’t make false accusations against some one because you’re mad. Pain and anger might inspire you to stand up and fight back against injustice, but it’s NEVER an excuse to falsify claims like that.

It took me almost a decade before I was comfortable even mentioning what happened to me, and I still get shit for it because of irresponsible people like this girl taking a serious matter and twisting it around to her advantage. For me, it doesn’t matter so much anymore. I’ve dealth with it, and I’m aware that there won’t be any sort of justice in my case. There just won’t be.

But for those just going through the experience, hurting, scared, and desperate to restore their since of safety by going to the authorities and being interrogated often times more rigorously than their assailant? I can’t even form the words to describe how much more traumatic that would be. 

And let’s not even get me started on that book again… Seriously… I can’t even go there right now. I’m all for freedom of speech, artistic expression, all that. This series is bad news. It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last publication that causes more harm than good, but if E.L. James can publish her drivel under freedom of speech, I can publish my distain for it too.