Man, ever have one of those days where you wake up on the severe wrong side of the bed and just rage all day long for no real reason? Yesterday was like that for me. I woke up in a huge funk for no real reason and everything just pissed me off. 

I took my random irrational anger and put it to good use by thoroughly cleaning and organizing the apartment. They managed to repair the flooding issue enough to make our original unit habitable again so we didn’t have to move, but everything was still a disorganized mess from the carpet treatments, and my hasty furniture shuffle. Little is still sharing a room with the Twins until they get her carpet situation figured out, but I got everything else put back where it belongs.

That helped a lot. I don’t know if it was the physical activity and the therapeutic act of cleaning that helped, or just the mental ease that comes with things being organized and put away in general. Either way, it helped. By the time evening rolled around I was able to relax.

Aisde from the random anger, I’m really excited because Hubs is coming to visit this weekend. We’re on a rotating schedule of every other week visits, alternating between him coming to the apartment and is traveling up to Nowheresville to see him. It works out okay, either way but it will be super nice to have him here in our own personal space. Visiting with the entire family when we go to him gets tiring. I want my Hubs all to myself. Well okay, I’ll share with the kids I guess, but no one else! Lol. 

I miss cooking for him, and having him come home in the evenings and tell me about his day. I also miss having him snuggled up next to me every night, and having the ability to actually turn off my brain for a while and not worry about the kids. I just miss him all around. I want my family back together under one roof. I don’t care where it is, I just want this separation to be over already! And we’re only two months in to our lease. Weeeeeeeeeeeh… *grumble, wine, complain*