Baby Brawls

B2 is my sensitive boy. He’s very quiet, very snuggly, and very sweet. The complete opposite of B1 who is always babbling, constantly on the move, too busy to snuggle and rough and tumble. Being so sweet, little B2 often gets toys taken from him, and generally knocked around by B1 and Little. It’s been that way since I brought the boys home B2 just gets the short straw 9 times out of 10. 

Now, he’s had enough of that. He’s not as mobile as B1 due to his thyroid meds interfering with his muscle tone, but he’s finally starting to catch up. B1 crawled over while they were both playing on the floor yesterday afternoon, and tried to snatch a shape sorter shape that B2 had in his hand. Instead of letting go and fussing like he usually did, B2 let B1 have it. Smacked him right in the nose, and yelled angry baby babble right in his face. B1 was momentarily stunned, and just sort of sat there, trying to figure out why he didn’t get the toy he wanted, and why B2 was yelling at him. 

While they’re tiny and incapable of really hurting each other it’s adorable to watch them figure these things out. It won’t be as they get older and start understanding right from wrong, but right now they are often locked in the most serious battles over toys. 

It never matters how many other interesting and fun toys I have sitting out for them either. B1 will immediately lose interest in whatever he’s doing as soon as B2 picks something up. He’ll crawl right over and try to take it. Every time lol.