Totally Jelleh 

In the midst of our apartment woes, I took the day Friday to help my little sister move into her own apartment. Her VERY FIRST, all on her own, no roommate apartment. She found the most amazing retro house apartment in Norwood a previously mega shady neighborhood of Cincinnati. They’ve really cleaned it up over the past eight years, that’s for sure! 

Look at that!!! All the doors still have the original functional hardware on them!!! Even the kitchen cabinets! All of her neighbors are fellow single women, one directly next door around my sisters age, and two older women downstairs. The entire set up is like straight out of the 40’s. Plus, at one point someone planted bamboo as a sound block since its relatively close to the interstate, so there is the most acclectic bamboo forest surrounding the house with other various fruit trees. 

I’m just a wee bit jealous that I was never able to find such a cute little apartment when I first ventured out on my own. Lol. Of course my motives were different, and I never looked downtown or into any house conversion apartments really. BUT still! Lol. After that she treated me to some delicious authentic Mediterranean lunch at this awesome little restaurant. 

That’s a plate full of amazing right there!! Just about as close as you can get without sitting on the Mediterranean beach anyway lol. We have a place in Indy that does a really good job too, but this place took the cake, and it’s within walking distance of my sisters apartment. I’ll have to take Hubs next time we come down to visit.