Shuffling the Deck

SO after my flooding fiasco last week the complex has decided that I get a new unit. Great! No more flooding! But I literally JUST finished unpacking everything and organizing our water logged unit. I threw all my boxes away assuming we’d be here for a few months if not the duration of our lease.

Nope. Kelli gets a new apartment… Another new apartment. On the second floor no less! I’m sorry downstairs neighbors. I have a preschooler who is still learning the concept of shared living spaces, and infants in bouncers. Infants! That I have to figure out how to get up and down stairs at the same time without my stroller! Oh yes… Fun times. Fun times. 

I don’t even know how I’m going to move all of our things either. Like, okay, awesome I don’t want to live in a pool, thank you for the new unit but OMG I AM ONLY ONE WOMAN, how am I supposed to carry my furniture up stairs by myself?? Unless they have the maintainance crew help me, or hire me a moving company it’s not happening. 

And I just got all of my bills and Mail switched to THIS address, now it’s going to be extra confusing switching it up again. Not only because it’s so soon after the fact, but because I’ll be in the same complex so it’s just the unit number that will be different. Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

I am super thankful that the complex was even willing to transfer us and we didn’t get entangled in any lease contract issues. I’m also thankful that they have a unit here even if it is on the second floor. Aside from the whole flooding thing, I love this place. It’s the quietest, complex I’ve ever lived in. I’ve said that almost a million times here already, but it’s true lol. I love this place. If I could convince Hubs to move I would. XD