An Unpleasant Squish

We had some storms come through at like 2am yesterday morning. Little came in and told me something but since I had really just fallen asleep at that point I didn’t really comprehend what she said, just invited her to hop in my bed and snuggle until she felt better. 

Fast forward to later in the morning when it was time to get up. Little hopped out of bed and went to play with her brothers and I took my time like the Mombie I am every morning. It was like any other morning really until I swung legs out of the bed and my feet were met with an unpleasant, wet SQUISH from the carpet. Now when I say squish I don’t mean, “oh this carpet has had something spilled upon it at an earlier point” I mean capital mother ef’n SQUISH “I might fall through a sink hole into a lake if I’m not careful.” Then my gaze went immediately to the master bath which was also about two inches deep with water. That made the squish even more unpleasant thinking it was a sewer back up squish, but as I went to investigate I discovered there wasn’t a back up (THANK GOD) but then the mystery of why the carpet was wet began… 

I wandered through the apartment looking to see where the water could have come from, checking window sills, door thresh holds, the second bathroom, and still no immediately obvious source of water anywhere to be found. I went into Little’s room which is on the same side of the apartment as mine and discovered her carpet was just as mysteriously saturated. No idea where or how this water got into my apartment, but there was WATER EVERYWHERE IN MY APARTMENT. 

So I called maintainance and basically said what I just wrote: “My apartment is flooded and I don’t know how or why.” Apparently they have issues with the gutter system not functioning correctly on this building or something. They said it was probably the gutters. Which I’m glad makes sense to them, but makes zero sense to me. Gutters are outside the building right? Keeping water away from the foundation? What does that have to do with water getting into my apartment?  Unless it’s coming in under the walls at the foundation which… Makes me really nervous about everything lol. 

But they did have someone come out to clean everything up and nothing of ours was really damaged since the water pooled mostly in the bathrooms. I just hope this doesn’t happen every time it rains or we’ll be on the hunt for another place to live. :/ 

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  1. Luna told me about this this morning; I told her I was going to ask, since you’ve now had fire and flood, whether you’d be doing toads next or going straight to locusts.

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