Little has been throwing toys the past two weeks. She didn’t really start throwing them AT anyone until a few days ago, when she decided it was a grand idea to “play catch” with her brothers. Two days of this, scolding her, sending her to timeout, taking away privileges, until today when she finally knocked B2 over by beaning him on the head.

I sent her to her room immediately, tended to B2, all while B1 was giggling hysterically from his bouncer. (Gotta watch that one as he gets older lol) After a few moments I went in with B2 so Little could apologize not thinking too much of it. She knew she made a mistake went she scurried off to her room, she loves her brothers I didn’t think the apology would be the thing to cause issue. I didn’t think that but boy was I ever wrong.

I told her she needed to apologize and she had a freakin meltdown scream fest refusing to do it, wailing no at the top of her lungs. Twenty minutes of this went on of me insisting she apologize, and her screaming refusal, before I had to leave the room to tend to B1 who had started to fuss. Twenty minutes!! All because she didn’t want to apologize for hurting her brother. 

Eventually she did come around and apologize to him, after she lost her iPad privileges and got sent to her room for the rest of the evening but that fight was an epic battle of wills. She’s only fought me one other time like that picking up stuffed animals. Usually she’s a fairly obedient kid. We’re coming up on fall though and she always gets weird in the fall. 

I’m hoping her pediatrician will take me seriously this year when it comes to the night terrors, bedwetting and everything else that accompanies the fall. There has to be more to it than the time change. She does just fine in the Spring, so… I don’t know. I just hope we can find some answers for her. I hate watching her struggle like that. I really don’t even like thinking about it now. It’s making me all weepy and depressed.

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