*sigh* Had a decent enough weekend this week. The kids and I packed up and went to see Hubs instead of him coming down to see us. Aside from trying to keep a very curious crawling B1 off his makeshift floor bed through out the night it was pretty much perfect. We arrived in Indy several hours before Hubs got off work, so we went to visit Dixie and have a play date with… I need to give her a different blog name because calling her Hubs’ ex wife is weird and kind of degrading in a way, but I haven’t thought of one yet lol. ANYWAY we went to visit with her and let the kids play. 

We hung out most of the afternoon and evening there. Not surprisingly, we have a fair amount in common and it was such a nice break to have some adult conversation. She and her husband treated us to some super tasty Mexican food from an authentic local taco shop. They live in the artsy hipster part of Indy in the most adorable vintage house so everything is super close by and all sorts of variety is available. If I could get Hubs to move to Indy proper instead of just the suburbs, that’s where I would want to move. 

After that, we headed over to Hubs’ dad’s place which is where he’s staying until we can get the house stuff figured out. It was a little weird going there without Hubs being home at first. I mean we’ve been together for almost a decade but I’ve never really fit in with my in laws. They don’t dislike me, we’re just from two different worlds and haven’t really ever connected on anything aside from the kids and Hubs obviously lol. 

So that was fun, waiting for Hubs to get home from work sitting in the living room silently watching tv for hours. But then; Hubs did come home and all was right with the world. I’ve been a bit high strung in recent weeks trying to get all settled into the apartment, adjusting to the faux single mom thing, my diet went to crap, I haven’t had time to get to the gym doing all of those other things and it was really just a perfect storm. Seeing Hubs, being able to cuddle all night, having people to help with the kids, I promptly fell asleep and didn’t wake up until late Saturday afternoon lol. 

I needed a good solid restful sleep, but at the same time I felt a little bad. Drive all the way up there to visit and end up sleeping the day away. We only stayed the one night and headed back to the apartment Saturday evening. Hubs’ anxiety is still out of control. He’s on mega OCD EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT OR I WILL FREAK OUT mode. He couldn’t handle the kids more than one day. Which was the plan all along, it’s not like he chased me away or anything after one night cutting our trip short, but I kind of wanted to get out and do something as a family. All we did was sit there on the couch and watch tv together. 

It was nice in a different way. Not particularly exciting or anything, but it made my heart all melty to be sitting with my Hubs again. Just existing together in the same space. I love our apartment, and I love my Hubs. I just wish I could get them together in the same part of the state.