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I had some appointments in Indy this week, so I packed up all the kids and spent a good portion of the day there yesterday. On the way into town I took a different route from the one I usually take and ended up driving by the one and only strip club I’ve ever set foot in. 

It was right after I moved to Indy, and a bunch of my LBGT friends were all about going to this club. They tried for days to convince me to come with them, and swore up and down there were cute straight dancers to entertain me and all of this and that. Finally I gave in out of pure curiosity, and off we went. 

I’m not a visual aesthetic girl, so I didn’t really find it appealing at all, but it was something to tick off on my list of life experiences. I hadn’t even remembered where the club was after that night until I was driving down the block making my way through the city. It was when I turned the corner that I remembered where I was and the memory of that “fun” night filtered to the surface. 

Then, as I looked up to where the white and blue neon building should have been, what did I see? A revamped building facade no longer an all guy dance club, oh no. It’s now a Harbor Freight Discount Tool store. All these years later, and they’re still peddling discount tools, just of a slightly different variety.

 I absolutely lost it. I was laughing so hard that I had to pull over because I couldn’t focus on the road. It was the giddy kind of slap happy laughter that you get when your body simply can’t take any more stress and demands you release endorphins, for the dumbest of reasons but it was exactly what I needed. 

Once I caught my breath from laughing so much I called Hubs and we laughed together about it. Both, the silly giggle that comes from the pique of stress. We laughed together, and it was like all the weight from the house fiasco, being apart, trying to wrangle the kids by myself, dealing with the angry customer service people, the rude questions about my Twins, my hand and all of those challenges, just everything that had been piling on top of me weighing me down disappeared. 

It doesn’t actually take away all of the stressors, but it felt good and gave me a little pep in my step for the rest of the tasks at hand. We’re still fighting with the builder who is now avoiding our lawyer all together, which keeps us in the apartment away from Hubs just that much longer. 

Forever away from each other, but an apartment that’s quiet and safe. I don’t understand why I haven’t been able to find a balance with our living arrangements. Why can’t we have quiet, safe apartments in Nowheresville or rather close to Nowheresville so I can have my Hubs back, or why can’t Hubs find a job with great pay and awesome benefits here with our nice apartment?? Why does it have to be impossible to get both of those things together? 

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