Tippy Toes

It’s happened. I knew it would eventually, but I don’t think I could ever have been prepared for it. All three of my Littles are mobile and my apartment layout makes baby proofing nearly impossible. It’s an open floor plan, there’s no way to gate off anything aside from one bedroom at a time which is making play time quite an interesting experience. Lol.

B1 is more mobile than B2 at the moment, hop/scoot/crawling all over the place after Little. He absolutely adores her, and they get into everything together. The other day I caught them in the toy tote tearing out every single toy and tossing it across the room. B2 was sitting on my lap with a puzzled expression on his face like wtf are you doing guys?? It was pretty much the best aside from the mess it made anyway.

B2 is taking his time trying out new movements and motions. He’s just now got rolling from his back to his stomach and back down. He sort of kick/scoots himself around, but it’s mostly just rolling until he bumps into something. I’m glad they didn’t mature at the same rate honestly. If I had both of them crawling around as quickly as B1 is never get a moments peace during the day. Lol.

We also FINALLY graduated to the bathroom toilet with Little. She’s been using a potty in her bedroom since she gave up diapers, but scared to death of the bathroom toilet. I explained to her when we moved into the apartment that her potty wasn’t coming with us, and she seemed okay with it. She’s done well so far, but it’s taking some getting used to having a bouncy preschooler throw open my bedroom door in the middle of the night to announce she is going to the bathroom. I’m pretty fidgety when someone wakes me up with a surprise anyway, but having my door burst open has given me quite a scare a few times now.

Thank God I haven’t scared her by grabbing my crowbar from the nightstand and jumping up swinging, but we really have to work on door etiquette. Lol. Between Little and the Twins it’s amazing I’m able to get any decent rest at all. I’m definitely not bored, that’s for sure.