Nothing is Free

When we sold the house we scrapped our old appliances, planning on buying new with our build. Since that’s not going to happen we’ve had to go about purchasing new things for the apartment. Being here by myself with the kids I set about looking at all the different hardware stores trying to find the best price with delivery so I wouldn’t have to worry about picking it up and getting it into the apartment while attempting to wrangle kids. We really just needed a washer and dryer to complete our ensemble, so I found a set at Lowe’s which happened to be the only store that would deliver to our apartment. 

I hate Lowe’s with a passion, and I was wary about buying from them in the first place but they had a special going on for free delivery in addition to being the only place that would actually deliver for us. So I placed my order and waited a few days. Now, online it said it was scheduled for delivery that day. I didn’t expect that to happen, but I figured it would be the next day or within the week. Especially since you can see the Lowe’s from my complex. Lol. It’s right there. 

So the next day I got a call from the store which I assumed was to schedule the delivery. Instead it was the shipping department informing me that they didn’t have my items in stock and I needed to contact them to figure out a replacement. So I called the store. It started out okay as I was transferred from the front desk to the shipping department without issue. A little annoying that I was told to ask for the appliance department and get transferred there instead, but y’know. Not a huge deal. So the shipping department transfers me back to the front desk. I ask for appliances again and they transfer me. It rings a few times until someone answers. It’s the front desk again. I say I’m looking for appliances and whomever answered interrupted me to say: “Oh, he’s not answering? Well let me try again please hold.” 

That happened four times before I finally had enough and demanded to speak to the manager about canceling my order. I played phone tag with him three or four times as I asked to cancel my order and he transferred me to the front desk; which transferred me back to him; and he back to the front desk until I refused to speak to anyone but him about canceling my order. He hung up on me. I called back immediately and eventually got my order canceled. At this point I was livid, and demanded their store number so I could call cooperate and file a complaint. The customer service rep kept giving me the store phone number, and had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for the store identification number. 

I managed to find it online while also looking up the cooperate complain number which the store refuses to give me as well. I’ve never actually been mad enough to call an 800 number to complain about a business before, but this fiasco was enough. I got through to the cooperate complaint line and finally got some compensation for my troubles. It worked out the best in the long run because I got a much nicer washer and dryer for just about the same price as my original order. 

All of the problems stemmed from the model number of my original order. It had been discontinued and they weren’t available anymore. I asked why they were still listed on the website for sale; and listed in stock at this particular store to which the customer service person replied: “you know, I’m not certain but it looks like an inventory entry error.” That wasn’t a surprise considering how poorly the store level customer service team handled my phone call and the manager’s level of indifference toward me over all.

Regardless of all of that: I finally got a replacement order placed. I had no idea what model or brand of appliance I was getting, only that they would be delivered by Sunday which was the earliest they could get them out. Fine, great, upgrade, same price, delivery that’s all I really needed. Sunday rolls around and Lowe’s shows up with the goods. I was told I needed to purchase an electrical cord for the dryer separately so I didn’t expect them to come with that, but I figured I could pick it up on my own after I saw what they showed up with. I was sort of expecting them to install the washer, but instead I was told: “oh well we can, but delivery and installation costs extra. You just have free delivery. You’ll have to call the store and schedule it. We can probably come back next week some time. I don’t know when, and you’ll need to order the hoses and connections too.”

I just sort of looked at the delivery guy, as he shuffled the washer and dryer into the laundry closet and shook my head. After everything else they tried to screw me over on, they were still trying. I don’t really know why I expected them to install it with delivery for free after all of the other problems I’ve had with them over the years, but it’s done. I’m done with them. I have my washer and dryer; my dad drove an hour each way here and back to install them for free and I can get everything caught up. 

Omg lol. It’s been a week.

4 thoughts on “Nothing is Free

  1. So glad I dealt with Sears on our stuff. No problems at all. But it really just depends on what store you go to, because, as you learned, leadership starts at the top.

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  2. Man, I wish I had ANYONE else close enough to deliver wares. I hated Lowe’s to begin with. I keep giving them chances. Lol. I don’t know why. It’s always a waste of time.


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