A Moment of Peace

I love my apartment. It has its flaws because it is an apartment, and the buildings are as old as the hills, but I’m still pleased with it.  I think it was built sometime in the late sixties, early 70’s maybe? It’s definitely got some age on it with a phone jack and outlet immediately next to it in the kitchen, a painted over wood panel wall, and hooks for hanging lamps still in the ceilings lol. 

For the most part it’s been very well maintained, the complex is super quiet even during the summer when kids are out of school and every one of my neighbors have introduced themselves and welcomed me and the kids. Which is surprising lol usually when neighbors see a mom and three super little kids moving in they curse under their breath and wish for better sound proofing. My neighbors all seem super chill about it. Thank goodness for that!

We are kind of operating on barebones minimum at the moment, waiting for the rest of our stuff to ship from storage. Which means I have no furniture, my mattress is laying on the ground, and my kids are restless playing with the same five toys all day every day. Everything is supposed to be here Saturday and then we’re finally settled for the duration. I’m still not quite sure how long we’ll be here, but at least we’ll be comfortable while we wait for the next phase of all of this mess. 

I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. Even if my neighbors randomly decided to get loud one afternoon it wouldn’t phase me. It really is just peaceful here. I don’t exactly know why but hey, after the first six months of this year I’ll take it! Any peace and quiet I can get.