There and Back Again

This. Weekend. Was. Perfect. Hands down, the best experience I’ve shared with my husband in a really long time. We ended up only going to the music festival Friday, but spent the entire day in downtown Chicago on Saturday instead doing all the touristy things one does when visiting Chicago for the first time. Hubs and I travel up there quite a bit, we have been for the past couple of years, but the friends we invited to the music festival had never seen the city. You can’t go all the way up there without seeing downtown and really after the acts we saw on Friday there wasn’t too much left to see on Saturday. Lol.  We all really wanted to see the headlining groups but not much else, plus Hubs and I still had to be back earlyish because we needed to pick up our keys and move on Sunday. It just didn’t work out logistically.

Although, as much as Disturbed has a special place in my heart, not much else in the music world can top this. Rammstein has been, and remains one of my favorite bands since I was thirteen. It started mostly out of necessity. They’re a German band, they perform 90% of their songs in German, and that was my second language in school. My mom had no idea what they were singing, so she never told forbade me from listening to them. I couldn’t always keep up with every single word in the beginning, but looking up the translations to their lyrics, and singing along with their songs helped  my grades a whoooooooooole lot lol. 

Then, after looking up the things I didn’t quite understand and really understanding the lyrics I was hooked. Plus, German is a beautiful language. I could sit and listen to people speaking it all day long no matter what they were talking about. I don’t know why, but I just love that language. The language, and let’s be honest: Germans are some good looking people. Even in their mid to late fifties; the band members are a good looking bunch with and without their stage make up on. Lol. Yes… I said it. Why would I not want to see them live? 

That picture is only a fraction of how amazing the entire show was, and we were close enough to the stage to feel the heat off of the pyrotechnics. Feel the heat. Maybe like ten rows back, but since it was open seating on the field which is where we had tickets, it was mostly just a mishmash of all the people volleying for a space closer to the stage. That picture had no zoom to it from an iPhone. Lol. That’s how close we were. It’s hard to describe the entire experience. Like it’s just… It was perfect. We got exactly what we paid for and then some. 

Chevelle was amazing too. They’re from Chicago so their set was all the fan favorites, even things from their very first albums. The entire packed stadium singing Red? Yep. It was the best possible experience. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, even missing out on Saturday and Sunday as far as music was concerned anyway. 

​Uuuuuuuugh…. The entire trip was so awesome. Just so freakin awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my new adventure into single motherhood; then after a relaxing weekend with my Hubs. We even managed to get everything moved before I had to take him back to Indy for the work week too! Not that we had a whole lot aside from a box of clothes for me and each kid, baby equipment. Still! 1500 miles and two days, plus the show, plus the wrangling the kids… I do believe I can do this.