The Home Stretch

So tired. I am so tired. In our current place I’ve been sharing a room with the Twins. The past few nights they haven’t slept very well. B1 has teeth crowning, and B2 just learned how to effectively roll over. Both milestones, both reasons babies stop sleeping well, but not particularly fun when laying next to them as they shuffle around in their crib.

I am so looking forward to this new apartment and having my own room again. Ironically the apartment we ended up in is 100sq ft bigger over all than the house we just sold lol. Half the goal is accomplished, in the usual bass ackwards Hale way, but accomplished none the less. We have a bigger living space. No where close to where we want to be in terms of location, but it’s in a really nice area. There’s a CrossFit place with daycare down the street which should help with my over all anxiety, and it’s urban which I really like. 

So far the only negatives are being so far away from work and Hubs. Otherwise I’m really comfortable there. Not entirely sure how I’m going to explain the concept of quiet and respecting the neighbors to Little just yet, but… Comfortable. I’m looking forward to it. So so so looking forward to it. We move this weekend, and I am anxiously counting down the hours. Lol.

Well we move most of our stuff this weekend. The rest of it we’re having shipped. We just decided to bite the bullet and move in for the duration of our lease. It’s stupid to be paying for storage and rent until we find a house so we’re taking a break, an extended pause with our apartment, and starting over again next year. It’s getting too close to the holidays to mess with anything else now. Moving in the winter at all is awful, moving hundreds of miles in the winter? Nah. We’ll wait. Patience is a virtue after all, right?