Random Acts of Hostility

Man, I don’t know what was up with yesterday but it seemed everywhere I went, everyone I talked to outside of my normal circle of people was just flat out hostile for no real reason. With the exception of the cashiers at the grocery stores, but random people completely out of nowhere just let me have it. It’s like: what, this chick looks like she’s having a bad day? All the asshats ATTACK! Is there a hidden code somewhere? I mean… 

Incident number 1: I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner and my phone rings. It was a local number but I didn’t recognize it. I decided to answer it anyway in case it was something important and I get this: 

Lady: “Hello? Is this Shelly?”
Me: “No, sorry you have the wrong number.”
Lady: “Well I missed a call from this number and she said Shelly so I’m calling you back.”
Me: “No, I didn’t call you. I haven’t made any outgoing calls in several days.”
Lady: “Well I got a call from your number that’s why I’m calling back.”
Me: “Okay, well who are you?”
Lady: “You called me!”
Me: “Well, I don’t know who you are so I don’t know what to tell you.”
Lady: “And you don’t know what you’re doing with a phone either.”
At this point I hung up because wtf was that about anyway? Arguing with me because I’m not the person you thought I was? Or maybe I was and she misheard my name because Kelli and Shelly aren’t awful far off, but if she’s not going to tell me who she is or where she works how am I supposed to know if I called her or not? It’s not rocket surgery people…

That was the first incident of the day, so I guess it wasn’t the entire day really just the late afternoon evening part. After dinner I left the kiddos with the baby sitter and went out to the store. In the actual store was okay. I’m still trying to adjust to the minor differences in ediquette here vs Nowhersville, but it wasn’t bad. Until I got out to my car. I unloaded my cart, and noticed a woman sitting in her car on her phone so I thought: hey, I’ll give this lady a break and leave my cart here next to this sign post so she doesn’t have to walk all the way over to the cart corral or fight for one inside. So I parked it, and proceeded to hop in my car and enjoy a quiet, kid free snack I picked up.

A few minutes later this lady gets out of her car and instead of simply ignoring my cart gesture decides that she’s going to walk all the way behind the cart, remove it from its sign post home, and slam it into the passenger side of my car. I watched it rake across the passenger door before I looked back and saw her standing  defiantly waiting for my reaction. I just stared at her and kept eating my salad until she threw her arms up and huffed off into the store. 

Lady, I don’t know why you decided to attack my car with an adequately stored (albeit not in a corral, but secured) cart. I’m not going to fight you over it so get on with your crazy self already and leave me to my quiet time. I’m sure my frazzled picture is floating around somewhere on social media with an open letter hoping to go viral as she snapped a photo and sat on her phone forever upon returning to her car as I was getting ready to leave. 

People have lost their damn minds. All I want to do is mind my own and get on with myself. Lol. Don’t be a jerk, and certainly don’t underestimate me. Reacting like a toddler with yelling, violence or threats of violence is the easy option. Self control, waking away from the pointless shenanigans, ah that takes emotional maturity, wisdom and strength. I’ll take those over slamming random carts into strangers, or arguing over the phone about someone’s name. Lol. For REALZ. I just want to ask these people: who hurt you? Why are you so angry? And give them a hug… But I’d probably get sued. 

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