Chubs McGee

So, running. I hate it. I only resort to running on a regular basis when I don’t have access to my usual weights and CrossFit box. While we’re in transition between homes and my hand is healing running is just the best option right now to maintain my fitness and drop the additional pounds I gained living on crappy foods moving. I’m chubby. I always have been. I recognize that I’ve lost a lot of weight from where I started, most of my flabby middle is actually excess skin from losing the baby weight too quickly, and the rest of it will fall off with hard work and time. I don’t mind my squish right now. 

Unfortunately, some of these running fanatics I’ve encountered while out plodding along at my snails pace, see my chub and make snide remarks. Um… What the hell does that accomplish? I’m not sitting on a log, double fisting cheese burgers. Why do you care that I’m slow, chubby, and winded? If I wasn’t slow, chubby, and winded you can bet your buttons I wouldn’t be out there running. Lol. That’s the point of running isn’t it? To get/stay healthy? Not to participate in the latest trendy sport… Or at least that’s not my motivation. 

It just baffles me how society simultaneously demands you maintain pique physical physique for acceptance into the heard; then turns around and brutally criticizes those who make an effort to change. Like what?? What?! That’s all I really have to say about that…