New Beginnings 

When we got married Hubs bought the wrong size ring set. He thought I said one size off from my actual size, and since it was a long distance engagement I didn’t actually get the ring until we were standing there at the court house saying our vows so we didn’t know. (Yes, it might have been a hasty decision lol) I loved the set and wore it anyway for a while until I kept smashing it into things wearing it on the wrong finger and eventually lost a stone. After that I tucked it safely away in my jewelry box and bought a fake costume type ring in the correct size to wear. I’ve been replacing them annually until this year.

When we discovered the first set was too big Hubs told me I could get another on our fifth anniversary. I got caught up in all of the house shenanigans and didn’t have time to look on/around our actual anniversary, but since things slowed down here a bit last week I finally had a chance to pick one out. I picked it up today. It’s perfect. 

I’m actually really glad I agreed to wait five years, because my tastes have changed a lot. Back in the day I wanted something big flashy and noticeable because I was taken and I wanted the entire world to know. Now, I wanted something more practical, small and simple. This one is all of those things. It suits my teeny Whopper Jr. hands much better than my last set, and it’s still just sparkly enough lol. 

This year feels like an entirely new beginning to our marriage too, so it’s kind of cool to represent that with a new ring. We had a lot of trouble a few years ago when I started my recovery. I fully devoted myself to figuring things out and making myself better, and it kind of threw everything out of whack. I wasn’t the person Hubs married anymore and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with me as I unpacked my baggage and reevaluated everything. It scared him really, although he won’t outright admit it. So, much like losing a stone in my original set I lost little bits of who I used to be.

It’s kind of funny how much you can change in a few years if you really put your mind into your priorities anyway… And now I’m just sort of rambling and my hand hurts. Lol.