Pfffffft… Choices

So we found a few houses we really like. Well, let me rephrase that. We found a few houses that will suit our needs and that HUBS really likes. They are all out in the middle of nowhere. Like not even in a town, off back county roads, middle of BFN. The exact opposite of what I wanted to accomplish by selling our original home to begin with. We also found several houses that I really like in the suburbs which Hubs hates. He won’t come straight out and say it, but he hates them because (brace yourself for this) they’re in the suburbs. Of course the homes in the burbs are also toward the top end of our price range, which means it’s come down to me once again. 

If we move to the burbs I have to go back to work, potentially forever putting my schooling on hold. If we move out to the sticks, I can stay home with the kids and focus entirely on my degree. So… It’s a toss up. What sacrifice does Kelli want to make, and which will benefit the family more in the long run? 

The schools in the burbs or the county schools in the sticks are equal as far as academics and ratings. We like them both, so where ever we end up our kids will be in decent schools. I’d rather send them to private school, but that’s another thing Hubs and I don’t see entirely eye to eye on. I’m not appalled with the public school systems in our potential new neighborhoods like I was in Nowheresville, but private school is still my first choice. Either way, the kids education is a non deciding issue.

The houses in the burbs are fairly close together and we wouldn’t have as much open space as we do in the sticks. I don’t care either way as long as the kids have a safe place to play. Hubs hates neighbor’s and enjoys the isolation of country life. I don’t mind not having close neighbors, but being far away from neighbors means we’re far away from EVERYTHING. I can not STAND driving more than thirty minutes to the grocery store. It was my preference when we lived in Nowheresville. Moving to the country will require a 45-60 min drive to the closest gas station convenience store, more if I want to get actual groceries. If we got paid monthly or even biweekly I could manage, but going to the store once a week with all three kids in tow is a chore. I don’t want to add a millionty hours in the car back and forth.

Plus once we decide where we’re going we have to get a bigger car and that’s going to add additional cost both for Hubs’ commute and in general. This is why we wanted to move to the burbs. Everything is close, mpg don’t really matter too much when you aren’t driving forever to get places, and it limits the commute for Hubs. 

On the positive sides for the sticks: huge yards, much less expensive properties in general, and all the free time in the world trapped at the house to focus on school, something I keep starting and never getting anywhere with due to life circumstances getting in the way. That would be cool. To finally get my degree and actually pursue a career instead of a job. Honestly that’s about the only reason I’m entertaining it. Hubs is over the moon we’re looking at properties outside of the city. I kind of want to stab myself in the eye for even suggesting it.

We also talked about getting a house now and moving again in a few years when life settled down a little bit. Moving to the sticks is a bit easier to swallow when I know I’m only going to be there for a short period of time. Moving there forever feels like I’m signing my death warrant. I won’t be happy there long term. I already know myself well enough to say I won’t be happy there long term. 

Although, I don’t think Hubs will truly be happy in the burbs long term either. This is why it sucks that our build fell through. It was perfect. Just far enough outside of town for Hubs to feel comfortable, and just close enough to the city to make my shopping and everything else super easy. There’s nothing available in that area for sale. It’s all the new subdivisions going in so without a build we’re shit out of luck.

Why must life be full of these decisions?? Why can’t we find a compromise that works for everyone instead of myself of Hubs being forced to settle for something we don’t really care for?? Pfffffffffft… Choices!!