The Day is Saved

This… This is my life and another reason I love blogging. 

Our original foster home forever away for our dog, Dixie, didn’t work out. There were a bunch of different reasons but mostly it just didn’t work out. So we all pile in the car yesterday, drive another eight hours to pick up the dog; and try every SPCA and rescue group we can find online from here to there in an effort to give her somewhere to go. We didn’t want to surrender her at all if we could help it, but I wasn’t about to chose our dog over giving my kids somewhere to stay. That’s exactly what it came down to. It became us or the dog, obviously I was going to choose my kids, but at the same time I couldn’t bring myself to just let our pet out into the middle of a field somewhere and hope she could figure ferral life out. I refused to give up on her just yet, so… We headed back with her. No idea what we were going to do aside from maybe rent a campsite until we could find her a place to go.

Hubs decided to post a message on his Facebook asking for help which he had yet to do. About an hour later he gets a message, saying they could watch the dog… From his ex wife. No, eff’in joke. So, being completely out of other options we said sure, what the hell, why not? And proceeded to head to her house with the dog, all the exhausted kids, and ourselves a rag tag, disheveled mess. 

Yep. It ended up working out pretty well so far. The dog settled in, it was the first time I actually met his ex in person and that went pretty well. It was MUCH more awkward for her than myself, but there is a certain stress threshold I reach where I no longer care what happens with whom. I’m at that point. Like there is nothing else that could possibly happen aside from my own ex somehow stumbling back into my life somewhere that will even phase me. I’m in mega survival mode. Nothing else matters  but giving my kids a safe place to sleep, food to eat, and clean clothes to wear. 

Plus after actually meeting her in person she turned out to be pretty cool. I’m not entirely sure where it will go but she didn’t freak out, or make any passive aggressive stabs at me so who knows? As long as she’s cool, I’m cool. We did the Facebook thing not too long after Hubs and I got married, but it was before my diagnosis and I was a bit sensitive all around about our relationship and everything else so it didn’t go very well. I don’t always come off very well in print/cyber space.

Little really enjoyed playing with her kids. Like took right off and played like she’d known them forever. Normally Little takes a while to sort of come out of her shell, but not yesterday. Lol. Hubs was pleased everything went so well. He’s been friends with her on FB for quite a while, which I’ve never had a problem with, but they weren’t exactly on regular speaking terms. Not because anything really bad happened when they split up, but just because they’re both remarried and it’s just kind of one of those things where the boundaries aren’t super clear so it’s like well…How do we do this? 

I definitely didn’t help anything being a spaz at the beginning so… Oops. My bad. At least she was willing to help us out, when quite literally no one else would/could. Yay for that!