Internet Friends Are The Best

Say what you will about bloggers, but I’ve yet to encounter one that I really connected with who didn’t have a heart of gold. In a last ditch effort to prevent my Little from losing her dog the Internet rallied around and found our pup a foster home. 

I had to drive 11hrs and nearly 500 miles before it was all said and done, BUT it was worth it to finally be able to meet some of my blogging buddies. I don’t have the ability to tag him without my computer (and the ability to type lol but mostly the lack of computer) but I’ve been following along with Chris for… Gee… I don’t even know how long it’s been. Lol. Years since I found his blog back in my Blogger days, but I can’t remember if it was before or after I switched to House of Hale… At any rate it’s been a long time in the blogging universe. Enough time that I felt 100% comfortable trekking all the way up to meet him without second thought. 

So when after weeks of searching for a suitable place to keep our pup until we find a home and/or my hand heals.  We were about to send her to the SPCA when in swoops the Internet with all of the awesome to save the day. Chris had mentioned my recent struggles to a coworker and voila! She offered to foster our Dixie, on the condition that Dixie behave with her own pups. 

Off began the trek to deliver the dog and meet people who have been part of my life for ages. 11hrs and about 500 miles later: Dixie and I show up, she does okay with Chris but when his coworker shows up with one of her pups Dixie starts barking and jumping around like a fool. My heart sank. Everything was riding on first impressions and she decided to misbehave. 

Luckily, everyone was patient with her and she calmed down enough for them to be willing to give her a try. I still might end up going back up to get her before its all said and done, but right now she’s in good hands and I can stop feeling awful for having her in the crate so much. 

In other news, we close on our house today which means WEEKEND WITH HUBS. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Let me just say I don’t ever plan on becoming a single mother as long as I can help it. Lol. Especially with two little Littles. I’m looking forward to spending time with Hubs, but I also kind of want to drop the kids off and get a moment to myself. Lol. I can’t wait until we find a house and all get back under the same roof. We’re not so far apart now, but with his work schedule it just makes visiting through out the week impossible.

I miss my Beardy Man. 😦 

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  1. I wasn’t near so nervous meeting you as I was that everything works out. I think Dixie just knew what was up and was having her say… And after, I was pretty wound up. Scrappy and I went to the bark park and he had a time with another doggie, running like a madman, barking, and enjoying life. Hopefully at some point he and Dixie can get some face time.

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