Lolz, No

People keep asking me about my marriage after the whole broken hand thing which I haven’t discussed yet. I will as soon as I’m able. Seriously… after everything else I’ve shared here, you think I’m going to post a pic like that and leave out the story behind it? lol. No. I just can’t write that much at the moment. I shouldn’t even be writing this now since the fracture displaced significantly over the past week, but I’m getting tired of people making assumptions. ANYWAY…

For the record: No. My broken hand, and taking Little to therapy have nothing to do with my husband, my marriage, or the fact that our apartment is too far away for him to commute back and forth to work comfortably during the week so he’s not living with us at the moment. Our relationship is just fine thank you. Fine enough, in fact, that we’re completely comfortable with our living arrangements aside from lonely boredom and generally missing one another like crazy.

So for those wondering and/or waiting for Kelli to be single again, sorry. Everything is pretty great in the House of Hale right now aside from the whole broken hand, trying to find a house thing anyway. Those are problems we’re working on together, as the team that we are. We worked out all of our issues a few years back and haven’t had any trouble since. I’m not posturing. or hiding, or putting on a brave face in the middle of some horrible break up. lol.

I’m also not an emotional wreck after the hand thing. Visiting the orthopedist she’s all like: “do you want to talk to a therapist? I think you should talk to a therapist.” because I haven’t become a sniveling blob of disaster. I did go see my own therapist both for myself and Little. We’re doing just fine. Like legitimately, we’re fine. Little is a bit anxious when things get loud or tense, but we’ve been able to dialogue about the incident and she’s getting much less skittish as time goes on. Like… healthy, normal, non disordered reactions to a trauma. It is kind of weird, but it’s not a BAD thing by any means. lol. I mean, it’s not my first time at the rodeo for coping and dealing with trauma. This is a minor blip on my radar.

I was more worried about Little than anything else being so little and witnessing the whole  thing, but she has been able to articulate her feeling about the matter so… idk?  We’re all doing just fine. Stressed, frustrated with our plans falling apart, but who wouldn’t be with moving and caring for three kids with a broken hand? lol. I mean… Don’t try to read between the lines. There’s nothing there to see. lol.

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