The Wall

I’m pecking this out one handed on my phone, so you’ll have to forgive any autocorrects or grammar errors. Don’t know how long trusty old left hand will hold out either so this might be scrambled and mish mashed. 

All of our plans have come to a screeching halt. One thing after another keeps coming up preventing us from moving forward toward our goals. Myself especially. I’m not sure what, why, or when this all started happening but seriously. The past few months one thing after another just keeps getting in our way. We did manage to actually sell the house, there’s nothing aside from the signatures at closing keeping us from that, but now that my hand is broken, our accomidations during the build fell through, and the housing market in Indiana is complete crap we’re stuck.

We can’t move out of our current living arrangements, I can barely tend the kids with my hand, we decided to scrap the idea of building in an effort to save time so we can get out of our living arrangements before I go completely batty and break something else, but there’s nothing on the market that suits our needs even remotely close to the price we were looking at to build. We can’t find another apartment with month to month leasing options, none of the family can take us in due to their own shitstorm of problems, I’m trying so hard to do what’s best for the family and NOTHING IS WORKING OUT.

Even changing my plans and sacrificing my original goals is getting us nowhere and I just don’t understand. Like I don’t get it. Every turn I make in a different direction sends me headlong smack into a brick wall. I guess I’m just supposed to wait patiently here and see what happens?? 

What’s supposed to be happening?? Why am I trapped here in this hellish place?? Why are my kids being forced to suffer while I’m stuck here?? Life and I are about to fight if I don’t get some clues to my direction here soon…

One thought on “The Wall

  1. So does this mean the building plan is gone? I hope not. We had our rent almost go up $90 ( complained and got the “best price” plus longetivity discount) and they told us that for whatever reason, everybody was jacking up rents.


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