After a whirlwind move the kiddos seem to be settling in. Little told me last night as we were getting ready for bed that she thought it was fun to stay in the apartment, but she was ready to go home. That broke my heart just a little bit. It was the only home she remembers so leaving it behind was a big deal. She managed to fall asleep anyway after some extra snuggle time, which I’m thankful for.

The Twins are back in their routine, although I’m having some trouble adjusting to them being in our room again. Every little shuffle they make through the night I’m bolting up awake. Lol. Mom Ears which are used to listening to them from the other room are a bit too sensitive listening to them four feet away from the bed.

I wish I didn’t have to make them go through the stress of moving twice. That’s the only thing I regret about building; shuffling the kids all around while we’re in transition. It’s only a few months, but that’s a life time when you’re three and a half. The Twins don’t really care as long as they get their meals on time and have their own beds to sleep in lol. We tried putting them in one bed to save some room in the bedroom but that didn’t work out too well. I did get this adorable picture of them though.

That’s exactly how they were positioned growing in the womb and they snuggled right up to each other. 💕 My little Wombmates. Anyway… That was a rough night lol. So we put both cribs up and they’ve done much better since. 

Now if I could get some sleep lol. We’d all be adjusted just in time to move again lol.