Pepper Onion Surprise

I don’t have time to sit down and write this. I am sitting down to write this, but I shouldn’t be. I have a millionty things to do before we move Friday. 

I’ve been busy working on various projects since Saturday. The kids need extra snuggle time because they’re all unsettled with me being busy and stressed, but I can’t find time in the day to give extra snuggles. The dog randomly decided to start digging out of the fence so when she’s not busy running around the neighborhood she’s getting stuck under the fence. Hubs is working overtime to give us a little financial boost before the house sells so he’s not home to help with any of this stuff and I’m just like aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Thank God, it’s almost over. At least the first part anyway. We’ll have to do it all again when the new house is finished, but we at least get a break. I’m not sure if I prefer it this way, or would rather do it all at once.

We don’t have too much left to pack really. I did most of that before we even went on the market in preparation for a quick sale. It’s just a matter of getting it to storage. I can’t take very much with the kids during the day and Hubs hasn’t been home. We’ve done a lot over the past two weekends but we haven’t done enough. Hubs is off the rest of the week to help and we have one more contractor doing work Thursday then we’re done. We’re out and off to our apartment until we close on the 10th. Well I mean we’re in the apartment until the house is built but we don’t give up possession of this house until the 10th. 

Little has been doing surprisingly well with the entire transition. Still stressed with all the chaos of change but she’s doing well with the concept of moving to a new home. She’s excited about her new room which she has requested be painted purple, and having more room to help me in the kitchen. 

She loves helping me in the kitchen. Almost too much. Lol. In fact, I had some spices sitting on the counter getting ready to pack them. She had been eyeballing them all morning trying to “help me” add them to breakfast lol. She didn’t succeed, until the dog got stuck under the fence and I was painting the living room. 

In the middle of painting, I hear the dog start screaming outside. I had he on a tie out to keep her from escaping the yard since she’s all about digging now. I thought I had it far enough away from the fence so she couldn’t get out, but I was wrong. I knew immediately as she started screaming, so I toss down my paint roller and run outside to rescue her leaving the back door open in the process. I pulled the dog out from under the fence and let her off the lead. She immediately runs inside, where I head a crash and Little start yelling at the dog. 

My first thought was the paint tray. The dog running through the paint getting it everywhere, but as I wandered back through the garage the smell of onions and garlic hit me. I opened the garage door which leads to the kitchen, and what did I find? A toddler, dog and kitchen covered in onion and garlic powder. Little had decided to dump all of the spices out onto the floor the moment I ran out the door to save the dog. She also decided to get a glass of water from the fridge which spilled making the entire floor a paste of spices.

My house smells like an Italian paint factory, and nothing I do has done much for it. I’m not entirely sure what to do especially since we close in a few weeks. I don’t want to be that person who sells the house with a horrible odor. Lol. I’ve tried everything short of opening all the windows and doors because it’s been raining. Hopefully it’s dry today or something. Not only is it disgusting, it’s triggering my migraines and irritating Little’s sinuses. 

Pepper, onion, SURPRISE.